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Call for Revolutionary Soliodarity with the Prosecuted Social Rebels of Aachen

tanya | 25.09.2005 10:03 | Repression

Aachen 4 to be sentenced on 28th September

Now it is for sure, the verdict will fall on the 28th
of September. We make a call for international
solidarity actions before, on and after this date, and
on every other occasion.

Six months of trial; that's six months of humiliation,
intimidations, provocations, body-checks,
state-press-propaganda, tasteless spectacle,
isolation, blindfolding, undressing, foot chaining,

We never expected it to be any other way.
The state provides the best arguments for its own
destruction. We now these arguments; let's draw
conclusions! We know the targets; let's hit them!

Barred windows don't have an inside!