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Foreigners in their country ...

Fadi Serhal | 24.09.2005 21:11 | Free Spaces | Social Struggles

Read , please read.

"We are under mis-understanding" , in these words i started my Discussion with Mohammed , AKA "Freak" , where we talked about the problems that faces a group of Lebanese youngsters who loves Metal , Freedom and most of all , they sure love to live .
Sara , Freak , Mario , Zoy , Locos , Nabil 5 boys and a girl were with me during a small conversation at Beirut's Down Town , the place where they took it as a gathering place , after being "refused" by their own society , each one of them has its own story , and each one has its problems , but the main problem they have is "the mis-understanding" by the Lebanese society .
Problems with family , at school .... and many others , Parents stopped their Financial support wich took many of them outside schools , while others are facing real problems with their school teachers , and with the Lebanese Un-democratic schools rules , Wearing black is a must , so what if there are people who dont like white ??? having a pierce is forbidden , well why can u wear a watch and i cant have a pierce ??? many of contradictions that Makes the Lebanese "so called tradition" Questionable .
The problems doesnt end here , other problems are registered with Local security members , and with Lebanese official Police men , who are asked to protect and to serve "all the lebanese people" , not just attaking those guys for no reason , just because they dont like their style.
This is a small Sample from the truth , their truth , hoping that next week ill be able to bring you some interviews with some of the guys , and maybe one day Our society will get upside down , and we will live frealy ever after.
Calling Freedom
Fadi Serhal

Fadi Serhal
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