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Rita phone your chums.

ipsiphi | 22.09.2005 17:59 | Free Spaces | World

Rita has just entered the history books, she is a 5.3 hurricane. If her eye hits land everything underneath will be frozen, but before that you are about see Katrina style rain and destruction in Texas.

"apocalypse for the pay check heads". At present there is a 100 mile tailback on the freeway, traffic is moving at 4 mph Rita is moving at 9mph.

So the state and government are making pretty much the same mistakes. We need not. Houston indymedia have found a suitable shelter building.

this is what it looks like from your moon base
this is what it looks like from your moon base

the multi-ethnic cultural centre on Kane street "MECA"
is an old sturdy School Building at 1900 Kane Street, 77007
telephone 00 (713) 802-9370
and people can wait out the storm there.
Please share this info with people in the streets, or offer rides


There are many europeans and britons in the threatened region.
The phones are still working. Let your relatives and friends know.

They need :-

Shelter. a solid commuinty building on high ground.

Water. 2 litres a day = 2 kilos of weight. each person can carry 30kg.


Blankets and some medical supplies.

To stop smoking, nasty people loot them and they provoke arguments.

Vinager its the cheapest cleansing material for hands and repels insects and when you've stopped smoking it stops you putting your cholera fingers in your mouth.

To account for all their disabled and elderly neighbours.

To paint "survivors" clearly on their roof if they go into disaster.

Explain to them that they're not getting out on the freeway, and if it goes nastily they will want others to get in on the freeway soon after.

hopefully nothing nasty is going to happen.
But we can make a difference now.

houston imc are pretty together and will give coverage:-

& i'm going to scribble about it, coz I did Katrina and feel experienced now.

= Call your mates.



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