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Stop the War Demo - full details - be there in London on Saturday 24th Sept.

Neil Williams | 22.09.2005 08:34 | Anti-militarism | Birmingham | London

Stop the War Demo - full details - be there in London on Saturday 24th Sept. It will be huge - be part of history - demand the troops are withdrawn now!.

Boudicca (see poster below)
and her PEACE allies (the Stop the War Coalition) return to London after nearly 2ooo years. Boudicca and her daughters are angry at the rape of Iraq and she and 10000's of others will be marching in London on Saturday to demand justice. She will settle for nothing less than the complete withdrawal of all UK and USA troops form Iraq and until this is achieved will return to London with her allies not to burn it as occurred 2000 years ago but to demand peace and justice in Iraq, the UK and around the World.


Demonstrate, Saturday September 24

PIC at:

Assemble 12 noon - Parliament Square Rally in Hyde Park
Speakers include:
John Pilger | Tom Hayden | Jenny Tonge | Tony Benn | Tariq Ali
The final push:
Just 3 days to build the Peace and Liberty march.
Events in Southern Iraq in recent days show how urgent the need is to pull the troops out. For a long time Basra was meant to be the peaceful part of the occupation. Now undercover British special forces have been arrested by the Iraqis in a firefight and were then 'rescued' by their British army colleagues. The army used 10 tanks to smash down the walls of the local prison. The Mayor of Basra has called this action 'barbaric'and the response from local people underlines how hated the occupation forces in that area have become. More...
Map of demo route...

London Rally 23rd September
Stop the War Coalition will be holding a major rally in Central London on the eve of the national demonstration.
Speakers: Tom Hayden - US political activist & writer, Dr. Salam - eyewitness from Iraq, Tony Benn, Jeremy Corbyn MP, Andrew Murray - Chair Stop the War Coalition, Reg Keys - Millitary Families Against the War, Kate Hudson - Chair CND, Anas Altikriti - MAB, Gareth Pierce - Civil Rights Lawyer.
Chaired by Lindsey German - Convenor Stop the War Coalition
Friday, September 23 at 7.30pm in Friends Meeting House, Euston Road, London WC1 (opposite Euston Station).
Transport to the Demo
Local Stop the War groups are organising transport to London for the demonstration. Find out more...
Mobilising for the 24th Demo
Stop the War Coalition is organising a series of public rallies around the country to mobilise for the demonstration. Find your nearest meeting...

Full Details of all events at Stop The War Coalition at:

VIDEO Link advert for Saturdays Demo:


Neil Williams
- Homepage:


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22.09.2005 09:31

Did not realise "fight back" that this is your personal news wire.
Yet another A TO B march,how many of these do you need and its always the same crew ox bridge ponce tariq ali,christain man tony benn,a smattering of mullahs,etc etcNot a sight of any working class anywhere.And yet the war still gos on.Its just a cobweb bun fight for middle class raddys and allahway worshippers.

Mr Lustbather


22.09.2005 11:43

There will also be a demo on at the same time organised by the Glasgow Troops Out Network meeting midday outside borders books in Glasgow.


Call it religious hatred

22.09.2005 12:26

The only thing you can hear in these "Stop the War" demonstrations is hatred against jews and christians, a bunch of bigots is what they are


Ah, the ever-tedious Mr Lustbather

22.09.2005 12:35

If you're so concerned, and such a working-class hero, why don't you volunteer to speak at the rally.

I'm sure you have much to contribute [SARCASM]

Honestly, fuck knows why you post on here. You make no good, or new, points. You're not funny and you're not clever.

got your number

again and again

22.09.2005 13:03

I would not contribute to worthless pile of lefty shit-kickers if you paid me in Lindsey German printed menus.After two dozen protests has the war stopped no it has not,yet you return like a dog to its vom.Whats the point in seeing the same old faces ,talking to the same old people doing the same old thing and i bit you will do it again next year.At least those 2 Leeds lads did something( although a was against the religious mania behind it ) rather than marching up and down the queens highway for the thousands time.

Mr Lustbather

Obedience is the Law

22.09.2005 13:21

The A to B march is heading in the wrong direction. It should not be meeting at Parliament Square but converging there, to be seen and heard outside the Commons.

But that would be illegal and you would need permission from the Police State.

The poll tax protestors didn't wait for permission to act and that was only about money, this is about thousands of human lives being snuffed out by evil oligarchs.


Then why don't you piss off?

22.09.2005 16:06

If, you dreary waste of blood, you "would not contribute to worthless pile of lefty shit-kickers if you paid me in Lindsey German printed menus" (whatever the fuck they are), why do you waste everyone's time by continually "contributing" to this website (for want of a better term)

Stop wanking about how witty you are (you ain't) and get a fucking life. Starting with an actual sense of humour instead of this fourth-form stirring you seem to enjoy.

got your number

insult to fourth-formers!

22.09.2005 16:50

I think most fourth-formers (Year 10 in modern money!) are much wittier than that.

Lustbather's a fool, and there's no value arguing with fools. Don't feed the trolls!

Mr Spoon


22.09.2005 18:11

Its a free country isn't ( unless your succumbing to twilight's dense lunacy),so i post where and when i like.You might not like me slaying a few sacred cows of cobwebbry,but so what.

"Lindsey German's menus" check out her London election blog for her "ethnic" culinary prose.Bring back fanny craddock

Mr Lustbather

@ woosies

22.09.2005 18:34

my thoughts exactly.


Still Here, Are We...

22.09.2005 19:08

Mr Lustbather is a serial troll, often going under the pseudonym of Swarthy Thug.

He/she has already been permanently banned from both Libcom and Urban75, due to his/her persistent, obnoxious, tedious and childish trolling.

I have encountered him/her on both those sites, and hopefully Indymedia UK's moderators will be able to get rid of him/her on a permanent basis.

In the meantine, don't feed this particularly obnoxious troll, it will only serve to encourage him/her.


RE Obedience is the Law

22.09.2005 19:15

"The A to B march is heading in the wrong direction. It should not be meeting at Parliament Square but converging there, to be seen and heard outside the Commons."

go to Parly Square and
stay instead of
mooving with the march

the answer

Wrong direction?

22.09.2005 22:40

The A to B march IS going in the wrong direction. It should be meeting at Lands End and heading South. Let's hope its well attended then - bye lemmings!

I don't think you're tedious Mr Lustbather - keep reeling them in, you've had some great bites from these idiots.

Ordnance Survey

March tortoises and hares!

23.09.2005 00:28

It always amuses me when people are motivated enough to spew out their cynicism. If you don't like what is being organised, why not a) organise something else or b) comatose yourself in front of 'pop moron' with the rest of the valium brigade?

i'll be pattering my plates of meat on the london streets on saturday.

see all those there you want this war over - from oxbridge ponces to proletarians.


Mercurious Britannicus

Wrong direction?

23.09.2005 05:03

It should be west to the sea at Lands End maybe south from the lizard

Ordnance Survey you are not


grumpy ass socialists

23.09.2005 07:35

Maybe it's just me, but does it bother anyone else that if you try to talk during one of these rallys the socialists start screaming at you? It's not like they haven't heard these speaches a thousand times before or anything...

Scott Naive