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Video of DSEi demo - The Dorchester

Jason N. Parkinson | 18.09.2005 22:26 | DSEi 2005 | Anti-militarism | London | World

Video of the Thursday evening demonstrations.

Critical Mass gather at Piccadilly Circus. The searches start almost immediately.

Searches continue outside the Dorchester. One Indymedia journalist is stopped under Section One - suspicion of causing criminal damage.

Police vans and officers push crowds south along Park Lane, away from the Ballroom entrance where delegates enter for their dinner.

Clowns and music. Crowds forced to Northside of Park Lane.

RoR strike up. Police move in to put demonstrators in "the pen". Those remaining in the street face arrest. Some demonstrators jump the fence into Hyde Park to avoid being hemmed in.

Some protestors attempt to block the road, police run in.

Woman arrested.

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