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UNITED Against Police Brutality - Strasbourg Euro Mobilisation (Nov)

system no border | 17.09.2005 22:11 | Culture | Free Spaces | Repression

MOBILISATION - united forces of soundsystems !! 12 - 11 - 05

Various European organizers wish to make an European demonstration at the European Parliament of Strasbourg to ask a total recognition of the Free movement and for a minimal protection in order to prevent abuses as the ones in Czechtek to start again...

make the journey...
make the journey...

More and more countries have engaged a repressive politics and.. .

We need the support of everyone, particularly to make circulate information to the greatest number... .. .

We will progressively hold you informed with the evolution of the project... .. .

Thank you in advance of defending your interests... .. . "

>> this is the text you will find when you enter the forum of soundcirkle:

after what happened in czech republic we decided to organise THE MANIFESTATION, you may call it demonstration, where we wich to unite entire europe to be together in peace but decided to show europe we are existing and we KNOW to have more rights than they give us.Already a huge ammount of soundsystems confirmed their participation ( FR,DE, NL,CZ, UK, IT, PL, ...)

the project doesnt consider only soundsystems, traveller, partypeople - no we also want to the participation of any so called subculture. squats getting closed in a riot way , traveller receive more and more charges for being on the street, left wing organisations or anticapitalists are observed by the states...!!!!

we think it is time to show our so loved europe that there is already a unity - something they are still searching for ! and this unity is strong and will not be quiet if shit happens like in czech republic or all this last years with several riot actions towards us.

will keep you informed !

keep your rig updated and be ready for november. everyones welcome, in peace and unity - no violence from our side !!

>>> ah well before i forget <<<

for sure we will not meet without partying together !! so after the manifestation we will all meet to a nice ´ little´ teknival ! and be back in strasbourg on monday to go on asking for their attendance!

we are not afraid !!!


see also czechtek attacked by riot police solidarity site

system no border


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