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anti-military protesters rampage up tower

sarah L | 17.09.2005 12:21 | Anti-militarism | Oxford | South Coast

Crack of dawn break in at Military fuel hub near Aldermaston. Occupation of 150ft tower with banners.

They run the show for the MOD
They run the show for the MOD

First banner drop
First banner drop

Ludd waves - solidarity with Palestine too
Ludd waves - solidarity with Palestine too

By 4.0am Kate Holcombe and Ludd McCloud had taken took over a 150ft tower at Padworth Berkshire. This is the communications tower for this distribution hub which supplies all the military airforce bases in the UK including US bases at Lakenheath where they keep nulcear weapons and Fairford US base flying to Iraq.
By 7am when they were first sighted they had established a base on a platform and had dropped one of their massive banners from the top of the tower. This read NUKES OUT. MOD police arrived with dogs, did they think dogs can fly ? Later a 35 ft banner was dropped reading US BASES OUT OF UK. Kate and Ludd welcome supporters who can arrive anytime. Take the turning just east of the Aldermaston turn off the A4 when you reach the Xroads you will see the tower turn left to get near to it.
This protest aims to highlight Britain's collusion with the US to forward their total domination of the world and space.

sarah L


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