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Anti-DSEI protest at Reed Elsevier Thursday 15th

laura | 17.09.2005 11:53 | Anti-militarism

Reed Elsevier is the current owner of Spearhead, the company organising DSEI. Following on from a protest at Reed's Oxford offices last week, a group of us paid its London head office a visit on Thursday.

This was a fairly non-aggressive protest (on our part) with a banner and people leafleting passers-by and Reed employees (several of whom were shocked to learn that their company, mainly a publishing group, was so connected with arms sales). An attempt to get into the building to talk to employees was largely unsuccessful.

The Met were out in force, obviously having nothing better to do with their time than harrass and repeatedly photograph people handing out leaflets (the camera loves our faces...). One cop was trying to get names and addresses from people claiming the anti-social behaviour act forces you to give your details. Can anyone confirm/deny this (with chapter and verse if possible)? What would the consequences of refusal be?

Incidentally, if being followed by police in Central London, as we were afterwards, try going to Charing Cross police station - a notice on the door orders 'No entry for police personnel, use back entrance' - and the receptionist got very sniffy with our tail when they tried to come inside...

The campaign to get Reed to disinvest from Spearhead is only just starting - watch this space.

PS - does anyone other than the FIT team have photos of this protest?



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  1. it's legal to refuse to give them your details! — just one of the caterkiller campaign
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  5. giving details — anarchist
  6. fight them all the way — FTP
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