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Insurgents Occupy Military Communications Mast in Berkshire.

Trident Ploughshares | 17.09.2005 11:24 | Anti-militarism | Ecology

Two insurgents have scaled a communications mast at a military fuel storage and distribution hub at Padworth Common in Berkshire and are intending to disable the mast in an effort to disrupt and prevent fuel distribution to the UK's nuclear weapons factory at Aldermaston and all United States military bases in the UK.

The storage and supply depot, located between the UK's two nuclear weapons factories at Aldermaston and Burghfield is part of a nationwide network of military fuel lines supplying U.S. and British military establishments throughout the UK. It's a vital aorta to the UK and US war machine and security in these times of apparent terrorist threat is treated with contempt.

Kate Holcombe from Worcestershire comments, "In 1952 Harry S. Trueman and Winston Churchill agreed that in an emergency the United States could use bases in the UK. That agreement has been corrupted by Tony Blair, into his own 'Special Relationship'. The illegal attack on Iraq was no emergency and the United States use of the UK as a material launchpad for its illegal wars has no basis in any agreement or in UK law."

The US has declared its agenda to gain global military supremacy of Land, Sea, Air, Space and Cyberspace in its Joint Vision for 2020. It must be stopped as Hitler was, and its bases in and on UK territories closed.

Belgian Ludd McCloud says, "I am recruited by a growing international network of insurgents to help stop the US war machine in the UK. International help is flowing in to stop further War Crimes being committed.

The UK government and military is internationally a favourite target for insurgents but unfortunately for terrorists also because it's willingly providing necessary support for US imperialism. Taking action now is urgent for the US is paving the way for a pre-emptive nuclear strike as their Doctrine for Joint Nuclear Operations predicts.

Britain must also fulfil international agreements to disarm its nuclear weapons and not fuel an international nuclear arms race by developing new ones under various agreements and partnerships with the United States and its corporations."

The insurgents plan to continue their occupation once the mast is disabled in order to prevent it being re-enabled by the Ministry of Defence.

Both are members of Trident Ploughshares, campaigning against Trident, nuclear warhead convoys and developments of a new generation of nuclear weapons at AWE, Aldermaston through its proposed Orion laser.

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