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Arms Dealer Sex Toy Party

Space Hijacker | 17.09.2005 11:23 | DSEi 2005 | Anti-militarism | London

Taking one look at the arms industry you will find a lot of middle aged men, surrounding themselves with large phallic objects and imagery, rockets, bombs, cannons, submarines etc. It seems the men who conduct the business of death, must rather be compensating for a "lack of weapons capability" elsewhere.

We took it upon ourselves to offer some advice to these repressed souls and perhaps get them to focus their tension in more productive ways. For want of a better phrase, to learn to love their biological weapons. There are plenty of products on the market today which can help them satisfy their frustrated partners, and release some of the tension which has built up inside them. Perhaps these lonely souls simply had a bit of a uniform fetish and were too embarrassed to admit to it?

We realised at the last arms fair, that it is possible to speak to the delegates on the DLR trains heading into the fair. This time around we thought we could offer some advice and show off a few products at the same time. The idea was born, a sex toy party for arms dealers on the trains!

Now all we needed were some sex toys and leaflets!

Space Hijacker
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