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Train Delays at DSEi

trainspotter | 15.09.2005 19:41 | DSEi 2005 | London

This is a report about a train action that disrupted delegates going to DSEi.

Wednesday 14th September 2005

Two protesters got themselves a train delay lasting three hours. As delegates tried to get to their shopping mall of people destroyers they were disrupted as protesters got onto the Docklands Light Railway train as it stood at Westferry Station. They held a banner which read STOP THE ARMS TRADE and refused when asked to get down by giving reasons why the action was taken, due to the onslaught of human beings due to the arms trade.The railway platform, open air and above ground was cleared for reasons of safety. One man delayed saying he wanted to be a witness to the process but warned that he would be arrested if he didn't leave.

Commuters hung around hoping to get a train sooner rather than later they were told it would probably be a few hours by a leaflet distributer who gave reasons for the protest. Some responses were in sympathy with the protesters, others angry.

After twenty minutes one protester climbed on to the over arching roof of the station, an action which was rewarded with a dozen police climbers. The second protester on the train was placed into a stretcher lowered down and escorted to Charring Cross Police station after 1 hour. The protester on the roof took more reckoning with as climbers worked out the safest way to deal with the angle and height at which the protester was at. The protester was finally 'coaxed' into a harness using force dealt to pressure points on the body.

If anyone has photos of this action please post. Thank you.