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Iranian Workers are not alone

Committe in support of Iranain workers | 15.09.2005 08:43 | Workers' Movements

A week of Solidarity with Iranian workers

Iranian workers are not alone!
Joint call by a number of Left and Worker organisations for
A week of Solidarity with Iranian workers
1st week October 2005
We , the signatories of this leaflet announce in loud and clear voice that Iranian workers and toilers are not alone in their struggle against the constant attacks of the capitalist Islamic Republic Regime in Iran, a government that is depriving workers of their most basic rights.
Our aim is to support and defend workers who are insulted, threatened and killed by the repressive capitalist order in power in Iran. We are calling on you to support the following demands of Iranian workers:
1-Realisation of workers right to strike, to set up their own independent workers organisations, the right to free speech, the right to gather in meetings...
2-An end to all intimidation and attacks on workers including physical attacks, imprisonment, torture and execution of workers and toiler in Kurdish cities
3-Unconditional release of all political prisoners

In the week of solidarity with Iranian Workers we will be active on an international scale in every city and town , to organise demonstrations , pickets in front of Iranian embassies, consulates... We will organise meetings in the language of the host country to raise the issues concerning Iranian workers, we will collect funds to support workers hardship funds, we will try and speak in local and national radio and television stations and we will address the trade union movement in the host nation to call for practical solidarity with Iranian workers.

Fellow workers comrades!
Sign this petition; join us in an International Campaign to defend Iranian workers.
Let us transform the first week of October to a week of solidarity with Iranian workers.
Let us make sure that progressive forces throughout the world hear the voice of Iranian workers, in every factory, in every workplace, let us raise the slogans 'Iranian workers are not alone'

Coordinators of the Campaign:
The committee for solidarity with Iranian workers- Stockholm
Abroad Committee of Communist party of Iran
Progressive exiled Iranian workers -Switzerland
Workers Left Unity- Iran
Union of Iranian Socialists- North America
Worker’s Power (Arbetar makten) – Sweden
Committee For Workers´ International – Sweden(Rättvisa Partiet socialisterna)
Iranian Left Unity- Washington - USA
Iranian Revolutionary Socialist League (IRSL)
Committee for a Marxist International (
Iranian Workers' Solidarity Network
Socialist Solidarity with Iranian Workers- Paris
Foreign Committee of the Organisation of Revolutionary Iranian Workers (Workers Path)

Please send you messages of support and solidarity to:

Committe in support of Iranain workers
- e-mail:
- Homepage:


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