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Custom House Station: Attempt to intimidate journalist

imc uk dispatch | 14.09.2005 16:35 | DSEi 2005 | London

A journalist who works for the corporate media reported an attempt to intimidate him at Custom House Station to the indymedia dispatch phones:

At 10.30, he was inside Custom house station, taking notes and holding a camera. The station manager came to him and told him not to take notes, and that he could not take pictures either.
He complained as being a registered journo, at which point he was threatened with calling the police if he didn't leave.
After complaining and threatening the manager with publishing a damming article about DLR, the manager agreed to let him write notes, but not take pics.

imc uk dispatch


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similar thing happened to me at canning town station

14.09.2005 23:58

a policeman told me i could not take any pictures (of the person they had handcufffed) because I was on private property and needed to get permission from the station owners in order to take pictures - he said if i continued taking pictures he'd 'sort me out'...


police tactics

15.09.2005 09:04

Funny how the old bill are now policing civil matters. A station is hardly private property and even if it were, thought "trespass" was a civil matter.
The reporter who was at Custom House didn't even have a camera. It was a Siverlink manager, not DLR, who warned him after the policeman in charge of the operation got a bit worried the journo was witnessing his men carrying protesters out and actually trying to talk to them about their viewpoint.
Laughably, he was accused of "loitering", but he refused to move. When the Silverlink manager spoke to his bosses, he turned all friendly to the reporter. Funny that. Bit late, though.