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Call for G8 photos

G8.reflections team | 14.09.2005 13:17 | G8 2005 | Globalisation | Social Struggles

A group of us are putting together a book of reflections on the movement against the G8 in Scotland this summer. We need photos of all parts of the mobilisation but particularly of the blockades on wednesday 6th July. If you have any photos you think are relevant write to:

Photos can be credited if required.

G8.reflections team
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common sense

14.09.2005 15:32

It is of course sensible not to send any potentally incriminating photo's anywhere, least of all a anonomous email address.

By all means send photo's - just make sure you don't drop anyone in the shit.


Here's a good one

14.09.2005 15:52

here's one that could drop three arseholes right innit !

U3 Kings


14.09.2005 16:41

Make sure that you block out those people faces like they do in them SAS books rather and a standard blop, it looks more cool.


Seriously thou do bear in mind the Police are now looking at through BBC & Sky & ITN etc, footage.


Picture this

15.09.2005 06:54

Who's 'we'?
what do you propose to do with the pics?


Photos to be used in a book.

15.09.2005 10:29

The original post here makes it quite clear that the photos are to be used in a book of reflections on the G8 mobilisation. It follows then that the photos we are after are ones that can be published in a book, care will be taken not to compromising anyones security.

G8 reflections team
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