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Correction: Land Roots Meeting on 15th at I.C.C.

Forward Land Roots | 12.09.2005 22:10 | Ecology | Free Spaces

LAND ROOTS is having a meeting on Thurs, sept 15th, at the I.C.C. (International Community Centre) on Mansfield rd, at 8pm, hope to see you all there.

Next meeting after this one is on the 19th october at the Sumac centre, and LAND ROOTS benefit gig on the 15th dec.

Feel free to invite anyone who you think will be perticularly interested in co-ownership of land to these open meetings.

At the meeting on the 15th we will be starting to set up sub groups, for
a. putting together the environmental policy,
b. benefit gig, musos etc
c. working on the legal stuff
if any of these is your cup of Tea come along,
or just come and find out wot its all about

Forward Land Roots


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