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Pics from "Beat The Bombers Party for Peace!"

nowar | 10.09.2005 17:40 | DSEi 2005 | Anti-militarism | Free Spaces | London

Some pictures from todays "Beat The Bombers Party for Peace!". Just over 120 people, two sound systems, some clowns, tea and cake, and some heavy rain...

Overpoliced, but good walking through the shopping streets and residential area talking to people living in the area.

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More photos

10.09.2005 22:47

A few more photos from Saturday here..

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Website Infected?

11.09.2005 07:25

I followed the link in the article to the DSEi website and within a few seconds got a message on my computer screen saying the computer had been infected with Trojan Horse 'Exploit-ByteVerify'. Anyone else had this...? Anyone know how to get rid of it??? (My virus software says it can't be deleted or quarantined).


can't find it

11.09.2005 22:35

We've checked the dsei website, and pretty thoroughly searched it for nasty things, such as applets & objects, without finding anything. It's possible that this was a coincidence.

You should find lots of pages about that trojan if you put it's name in google or any search engine.

Please let us know if you do have any problems with the website, by the email or phone no below.

07817 652029

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