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DSEi Timeline - Sat 10th Sept (Beat the Bombers)

imc london | 10.09.2005 13:03 | DSEi 2005 | London

Today, the protests against the dsei arms fair are starting with a "Beat the Bombers" Party. The dsei reporting team is producing a timeline about events - call 07901778062 and tell us what's happening, or check rampart radio - or join the party...

Thanks for all those photos [1 | 2 | 3 | 4 + Video ] and a report about police tactics.

[17:45] The main crowds of people are now back at the convergence centre chilling out. The two bike sound systems are playing outside in the street and there's a good happy atmosphere.

[17:09] People briefly reclaimed the dual carriageway near Canning Town Station roundabout but police vehicles split the crowd, part of the which is now hemmed in. Two people were seen wrestled to the ground by police, and there has been at least one arrest. Many are now leaving the area.

[16:59]A largish group has reached Canning Town, where a cycle convoy with sound systems is circling the roundabout, whilst police concentrate on trying to hem in pedestrians.

[16.45]Group with sound system has moved off in direction of Canning Town. There is a good atmosphere, some dancing and patches of blue sky.

[16.29] People spent about 20 minutes at Custom House DLR, which had an extra line of police 'protecting' it. The procession moved onto Royal Victoria DLR, where after a short burst of rain, bikes and trailers arrived bearing free tea, coffee, cakes and food which were shared out amongst everybody. People are now leaving in small groups, and are believed to heading towards the convergence centre. Others are listening to a sound system, and a group of clowns are being prevented from crossing the bridge.

[15.51] Group has been through residential areas, using bike mounted speakers to tell local residents what is going on. Now past Prince Regent DLR and heading up to Canning Town. Police have surrounded the group and are ensuring that progress is very slow.

[15:06] Party seems to be swinging - dispatch call was drowned out by samba drums. Clowns are marching in formation with the rest.

[14:52] Over 100 people are leaving the park in direction of Canning Town, with cyclists and sambaistas. A van arrived with lots of posters and placards. Chilled cops.

[14:38] Sound system playing, some food, people thinking about what to do next

[14:10] About 80 people are moving towards North Woolwich

[13:55] People are gathering at the playing fields in Albert Park. Bit surreal, police, horses and goalposts... Buses 300 from Canning Town will get people there. Last soundsystem is on it's way.

[13:50] A few people have gathered outside Royal Albert DLR station for the Street Party. About 10 cop vans and FIT are taking pictures. Dockland Light Railway station near Royal Albert Park is closed for works, replacement busses are running. Some police vans have been seen outside the convergence center. A clown was stopped and searched.

[12:40] Police attended rampART social centre this morning and took details of all vehicles parked in the road and stopped cyclists passing through the road. Called traffic cops who looked at a particluar van trying to claim it was not road worthy but could find nothing wrong. Van left. Police followed.


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