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Venezuela - arguments over funding

China Girl | 10.09.2005 09:37

Arguments rage over arms spending

Hugo Chavez has come under fire from trade unions, peace groups and workers over his decision to spend $72 million on new naval equipment purchases. 4 frigates with German Sea Sprite missiles are being purchased from the giant Krupps concern.

China Girl


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The protest is about corruption

10.09.2005 13:06

Those objecting to this deal are more worried about the bribe that has been paid to Chavez's brother than the purchase itself


Fucking hippies

12.09.2005 14:01

Listen peace love dope idiots, Venezuela is under threat of invasion from the good ole usa, if the invasion comes how are the venezuelans supposed to resist!!! grow up you fucking hippies this is class war!!

And what is all this bollocks about chavez brother taking a bribe Where is the fucking proof!!!

Mr angry

mr angry