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Anarchists clash with police during "No Border action" in Venna, Greece.

libertarian | 01.09.2005 17:12

Anarchists clash with police during "No Border action" in Venna, Greece.

A series of demonstrations in the cities of Xanthi and Komotini, followed by a march towards the "refugees’ reception center" near the border in Vena, took place in the context of the "Actions against the Borders». Police tried to prevent the protesters from entering the detention center and as result a violent clash broke out, the protesters managed to push the police away, sending a few of them to the local hospital with minor injuries and finally entered the center. The so called “refugee reception center” is actually a prison camp were illegal aliens are imprisoned until they are finally deported back to their countries were some of them may be facing long time imprisonment or execution (e.g. Kurds going back to Turkey). This facility is supposed to house 100 refugees but up to 1000 have been stacked up in there at times. There is no medical staff present and the living conditions are a disgrace to humanity, making it obvious why the authorities didn’t want anyone entering. The group that managed to enter wrote down the names of the refugees, in order to submit asylum requests on behalf of them, while video-taping and photographing the state of the place and the poor living conditions of the refugees.

Following is a link to a video with some of the clashes.