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police attempt eviction of EDO camp

camper | 17.08.2005 12:49 | Anti-militarism | Repression | South Coast

the police tried unsuccessfully yesterday to brutally evict the Smash peace camp taking place in Brighton yewterday, They arrived at the camp in the woods behind EDO's factory at around 4pm with a council ranger to inform the 5 people on camp that campers had until 6pm to vacate the camp. The council would then seize any remaining property.

The camp was invaded by around 10 police with a camera and dog. It was clear the ranger was taking instructions as he looked the most terrified of all and was mainly repeating police instructions. This was despite police insisting that they were merely assisting the council in the eviction. Senior police officer was Sergeant Avery who behaved in a threatening and abusive manner - fortunately most of this was filmed by campers.
Around 5.30 a more senior inspector arrived to say that a Chief Superintendent had spoken to the council CEO who knew nothing about the eviction and they had decided not to evict the camp. This was about 30 mins before campers were due to have their belongings seized.
See local rag the Argus' report at:



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17.08.2005 15:17

....5 people! I bet EDo are quaking in their boots.