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Breaking News: Smash EDO Peace Camp Being Illegally Evicted NOW!

support | 16.08.2005 15:10 | South Coast


The peace campers are being illegally evicted by police with dogs.

Campers have been told to leave forthwith and immediately.

10 police officers with at least 1 dog and 1 park ranger are quoting a bylaw which they don't have the papers for and claiming the campers must leave within five minutes.

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Guardian security are present too but it's not EDO's property

16.08.2005 16:28

The peace campers have been given until 6pm to move their stuff and there's been no arrests so far.

Bye Law 18 from 1874 is being used to evict the Smash EDO campers which apparently states that its an 'offense to errect a structure on council property.

The police have confiscated the camp axe and hammer for 'evidence' but they've left the camp pick axe

There's a noise demo going on at the same time outside EDO
The head goon from guardian security, one park ranger and the police are present
It isn't edo property so they don't know why guardian security are there

Draw your own conclusions...

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