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EDO Brighton demo VIDEO

KinoKast | 13.08.2005 14:41 | Anti-militarism | Social Struggles

4min/14mb video from EDO demonstration in Brighton, UK

13th of August 2005

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Well done

14.08.2005 07:16

Very good film.

First class demo.

Again more police repression.

End the arms trade.

Tony Benn

Find out why protest is being criminalised. Public meeting. Brighton.

14.08.2005 07:23

Public Meeting.

We are all ‘terror suspects’:

The Terrorism Act 2000 redefined terrorism to include a wide range of ordinary political activities. In that spirit, anti-terror laws have been used mainly to persecute, silence and isolate Muslim and migrant communities in this country.

After 7th July we all feared death by bombing, but since 22nd July we have been fearing death from armed police. The police call their policy, ‘Shoot to kill – to protect’. But what were they protecting when they killed Jean Charles de Menezes? According to eyewitness accounts, he was already incapacitated, pinned to the floor of a tube carriage. This was a public execution without trial, not the prevention of violence. Afterwards rumours were spread about the victim, to imply that his behaviour was somehow at fault.

This murder extends a long history of killings in police custody, as suffered by Britain’s black and ethnic minority communities over many years. It also extends punishment without trial. Now it can mean a quick death for potentially anyone ignoring the command of armed police, especially anyone who has dark skin.

Also as a result of “Terror” legislation, the age old right to peacefully protest is under serious threat, with the banning of protest being introduced in central London and laws designed to protect people from stalkers being used to imprison people involved in protest as well as I.D cards, tagging, torture, imprisonment without trial…

Speakers from CAMPACC, Haldane Society Of Socialist Lawyers, Statewatch and Smash Edo (a Brighton based campaign to close down Edo/Mbm arms dealers) will discuss these and other subjects.

This meeting is free and open to all.
Wed 14th September 7-9pm
@Sussex arts club, 7 Ship Street. Brighton

Called by Campaign Against Criminalizing Communities (CAMPACC). Smash Edo. Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers and Stateswatch.

John Smith