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Ian Keith Gomeche - Out of Action

Lady Leonara Farqouise Fortesque Smithe Windsor, Duchess of Tyne Dock | 11.08.2005 11:09

On Friday July 29, 2005 Ian Gomeche attended the Sheriff Court in Stonehaven for breach of bail and was dealt with has a criminal.

On Friday July 29, 2005 Ian Gomeche attended the Sheriff Court in Stonehaven for breach of bail and was dealt with has a criminal.

We can now confirm that he is being held in prison on remand for 1 month at HMP Craiginches, Aberdeen, with a possible release date set for September 2005, but this could yet be extended.

We can not confirm whether or not his appearences in August for trial will proceed due to his current detention, nor can we confirm his release date, due to other cases pending that can not be discussed for legal reasons.

Today we can confirm that Ian Keith Gomeche was assessed by the Mental HealthTeam whilst on remand at HMP Craiginches.

It was said that he was in a state of psychosis.

Today we have been informed by the Royal Cornhill Hospital that Ian was transferred last week from HMP Craiginches under Section 2 of the Mental Health Act for assessment and treatment in the Hospital's Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) having been diagnosed with a psycosis, but they reiterated this is only a preliminary diagnosis.

What do we know about Psychosis?

Psychotic disorders include severe mental disorders which are characterized by extreme impairment of a person's ability to think clearly, respond emotionally, communicate effectively, understand reality, and behave appropriately. Psychotic symptoms can be seen in teenagers with a number of serious mental illnesses, such as depression, bi-polar affective disorder (Manic Depression), schizophrenia, and with some forms of drug and alcohol abuse. Psychotic symptoms interfere with a person’s daily functioning and can be quite debilitating. Psychotic symptoms include delusions and hallucinations.

Delusion: A false, fixed, odd, or unusual belief firmly held by the patient. The belief is not ordinarily accepted by other members of the person’s culture or subculture. There are delusions of paranoia (others are plotting against them), grandiose delusions (exaggerated ideas of one's importance or identity), and somatic delusions (a healthy person believing that he/she has a terminal illness).

Hallucination: A sensory perception (seeing, hearing, feeling, and smelling) in the absence of an outside stimulus. For example, with auditory hallucinations, the person hears voices when there is no one talking.

What do we know of this hospital?

Reception: 01224 557201

Royal Cornhill Hospital opened in November 1800 as the Aberdeen Lunatic Hospital. Built to replace cells provided in the original Infirmary at Woolmanhill since the 1740's for 'those who deprived of the use of their Reason', the new hospital admitted patients from Aberdeen and other parts of the North-East of Scotland and, at times, from further afield.

The asylum, as it become known, was enlarged on several occasions in the nineteenth century. Elmhill House, a separate building for private patients, opened in 1862 and a country branch was established at Daviot in 1890. By the end of the century the entire asylum held a daily average of 867 patients.

From 1904 onwards pauper patients from Aberdeen were sent to the Aberdeen District Asylum at Kingseat near Newmachar but the number of patients being treated at Cornhill quickly rose to exceed 800 again.

Property at Wellwood in Cults was bought in 1930 and adapted as the nursing home for the early treatment of those suffering from nervous and mental disease. In 1933 the name of the asylum was formally changed to Aberdeen Royal Mental Hospital.

The hospital became part of the National Health Service in 1948. A regional out-patient clinic opened in 1959 and in 1964 the hospital's present name was adopted. Since 1988 much of the main hospital site has been re-developed and many of the older buildings replaced with new facilities.

Lady Leonara Farqouise Fortesque Smithe Windsor, Duchess of Tyne Dock
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all psychiatrists are bastards

11.08.2005 15:57

Mad Pride recognise that this bloke is a complete knobhead. But still remain in solidarity with all detained psychiatric patients. Medicalising someone is a fucking terrible thing to do, and most people who've been sectioned would have preferred a good kicking...which Gomeche was clearly asking for.

NorthWest Mad Pride
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How Strange

12.08.2005 08:24

How stange your comments are on 'medicating' patients. Ian Gomeche is detained on Section 2, and not Section 3 therefore will not be force-medicated.

You also need remember that he played the 'psycho' in previous trials to get off.

So is he truly suffering from bi-polar affective disorder and not taking his lithium, or is he just making a mockery of true psychiatric patients and screwing the system to get off - 1 Trial pending and another 4 cases submitted to the prosecutuin last week.


all psychiatrists are bastards, redux

13.08.2005 15:19

If you've ever been sectioned, you'd know that while you do have a right to refuse medication on section 2, this refusal will often be used to transfer you to section 3 when your 28 days are up.

Anyway, the word I used was MEDICALISING. Turning quite simply out-of-order behaviour into a 'mental health problem'. The famous anti-shrink Thomas Szasz has said some great stuff about the problems with forcing moral issues eg. paedophilia into a psychiatric bracket.

I don't mean to defend Gomeche, having been aware of him (though thankfully no personal contact) for many years. I think immolation or defenestration would be a more appropriate way to deal with him.

Reclaim Bedlam, NW branch

Mad Pride

15.08.2005 08:05

Morning NW Mad Pride .. this article was an information post to all victims of the above named, no more and no less.

As you state, you have known of the above person, but had no dealings with him, had you done so even you would pick up the vibe of the bi-polar, constantly manic, sees no wrong in his actions.

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he's a nutter

16.08.2005 07:25

Well at least he seems to be out of the way, seem to be loads of info about him on, found it after i googgled his name.

Debbie Carter