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Demonstration at Iranian Embassy - Sat Aug 13, 3-5pm

Jason N. Parkinson | 10.08.2005 21:18 | Repression | London

Kurds in London plan to condemn Iran’s oppression of Kurds in eastern Kurdistan.

Kurds of UK planed a protest in order to condemn the brutal acts against their country man and women by the Iranian Islamic regime and to create public awareness for the plight of the Kurdish people.

The demonstration was organized by and supported by Kurdish Community Association in UK.

After the Kurdish activist Shivane Qadiri, on July 13, was shot by the Iranian police then tied to a car and dragged all the way to the police station, where he was tortured until he died, Kurds of Mehabad organized mass demonstrations against this cruel murder which then sparked off demonstrations in cities and towns all over Eastern Kurdistan and as well as in Europe, the U.S. ,Canada and Australia and other countries where Kurds reside.

In support of the people in Eastern Kurdistan, UK Kurds will gather in front of the Iranian embassy on Saturday 13-08-05 in order to protest and condemn the cruel acts of the Islamic Regime of Iran against the Kurdish people.

The demonstration start at 3.00pm and runs until 5.00pm while there will be short speech to denounce the brutality of the Iranian state and asked the British people and government to be more sensitive to the oppression of the Iranian state, the same time to collect signature by the kurdish student association of SOAS university which to be present it to Tony Blair’s office at number 10 downing Street, foreign office, parliament MP’s and human right Groups and org.

13-08.05 from 3 to 5pm Iranian Embassy: 16 Prince's Gate, London SW7 1PT

For more information about the demonstration please call 07915650464

Or about kurdish student association of SOAS university and how can you give a signature please e-mail:Kameel Ahmady

Jason N. Parkinson
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10.08.2005 22:40

I wanted to write a quick message of support in favour of the proposed protest outside the Iranian embassy on Saturday. I also wanted to say that I would like to attend and would you mind so very much if I brought along my own petition which is also to do with the Iranian Regime. Please visit my website. I do not mean to cause offense to your campaign, I would be more than happy to sign any petition etc.

Many thanks, Jessica

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11.08.2005 04:21

The Kurds actively and willingly assisted the GENOCIDE of the 300,000+ Iraqi's butchered since Blair and Bush's invasion of Iraq. As such, the Kurds are no different from the various ethnic tribes of Europe that Hitler employed in his wars of conquest and genocide.

The current Kurdish actions against Iran, co-ordinated by British Intelligence, are merely part of the propoganda lead-up to Blair's war against Iran, a war that will begin with a massive bombing campaign, almost certainly nuclear, that will kill millions.

The Kurds have lost any and all claim to victimhood with their choice of political allies. Of course, once Blair has fully used them to achieve his next objective, the Kurds will be left to their well deserved fate, friendless across the planet. Anyone who makes a deal with the Devil should understand that the deal only ever benefits one party, namely the Devil.


Do you mean ?

11.08.2005 08:33

"The Kurds have lost any and all claim to victimhood with their choice of political allies"

Do you mean in the same way the Allies defeated Hitler by siding with that mass murderer Joseph Stalin ?

think it through

Where do you get the 300,000 figure from ????????

11.08.2005 08:41

Where do you get the 300,000 dead figure from???? According to the Iraq body count website the figure for the number of Iraqi dead since the war started is no more than 26559, most of whom have been killed by terrorist insurgents not allied troops.

And what about Saddam Husseins' genocide? It is on record that he slaughtered 300,000 Iraqi during his 24 years in power most of whom were found in mass graves.



11.08.2005 12:13

Iran is not only a danger for its own people (the Iranian-kurds) but also a danger for its neighbours and a promoter of terrorism. Iran has been funding terrorists and allowing them to base headquarter on its soils but since the clerics took power.
The only possible solution seems to invade Iran before the make an atomic bomb and give it to Bin-Laden so that he can detonate it in London.

Invade Iran

response to "twilight"

11.08.2005 12:26

However many Iraqi Kurds supported the US-British occupation, who are you to declare that an entire people have forfeited their human rights?

You seem to be saying that it's OK for the Iranian government to kill and torture Kurds in Iran, because people who happen to share their ethnicity supported the war in Iraq.

It's the same logic that the Nazis used to justify the holocaust on the basis that "The Jews killed Christ". It's the same logic that British racists use to justify attacks on Muslims on the basis that "The Muslims carried out the London bombings".

There is no single monolithic entity called "The Kurds", any more than there is a single monolithic group called "The Jews", "The Muslims", "The Iraqis", "The Palestinians", "The Hutus", "The Tutsis", "The British" or "The Londoners". Like every community in the world, the Kurdish people are an enormously diverse group, some of whom supported the war in Iraq, and some of whom didn't. A fair few aren't interested in politics at all.

There will never be peace until we can get away from the idea that it's OK to attack random members of a particular community simply because other members of that community have done something we disagree with.

Friar Tuck

Kurdish support

11.08.2005 18:33

Yes, and WHY did the Kurds support the invasion of Iraq? Might it have had something to do with the Iraqi army trying to exterminate them?