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Contributors wanted for DSEi newspaper

daily death | 10.08.2005 00:16 | DSEi 2005 | Anti-militarism | Education | London

With DSEi 2005 only one month away, this is a proposal and a call out for help putting together a special newspaper for distribution around the estates near Excel one week prior to the event...

The idea, as it stands, is to produce a newspaper for distribution to the people living in immediate proximity to the Excel area of docklands. It would aim to inform local people about the DSEi exhibition and arms trade in general, plus what to expect from the protests and how it might effect them. It would also detail publically advertised events around the protests and outline possible ways to get involved. It is hoped that the newspaper would act as a significant piece of education and outreach, help to mitigate against romour and ill feeling towards protesters when disruption and inconvenience is experienced. It may also help to actively engage new people in the protests or in providing assistance and support to those engaging in actions.

The contents of the paper will mainly be formed from text taken from the websites of Disarm DSEi and CAAT. It is however hopped that people will contribute orginal articles and art work. Additionally a letters page is envisioned which would aim to reflect local voices in relation to the arms fare and protests both past and planned.

To make this happen several things are required:

1.contribution of content to print
3.people to distribute

There is little time and content and layout will need to be finalised by about the 18th Aug. See contact details below to send ideas and contributions of content.

The money required to print the paper will depend on both the desired print run and the size of the paper. To give an example, 5,000 copies of a 24 page - 5 sheet tabloid newspaper was printed with single colour apart from dual colour front and back for about 900 pounds.
This project hopes to do 10,000 or perhaps 15,000 but with only 8 or 12 pages (2 or 3 sheets). No quotes have been obtained yet but it would be expected to be about 1000.

Quick distribution is essential, there is no point in still having stacks of these after DSEi is over. The idea would be to distribute the bulk of them door-to-door around the estates in the area. Additional distribution could be done at shopping centers as info stalls and during public events prior to DSEi itself. Volunteers are needed now to pledge their help in distributing, especially door-to-door (in a coordinated way) during the first week of September.

Some possible names include

East London Arms Trader
The Scum
Docklands Dealer

(please do send your suggestions)

So, if you wish to help out, contact


We need contributions of articles or artwork THIS WEEK. The more people contribute, the better and more diverse the paper may be. However, production of the paper is not dependent on contributions as the whole thing can be put together from existing articles found on campaigning websites and indymedia.

We need donations of money ASAP. We'll get a proper quotes this week but if we aren't certain of at least having half the required funds before commiting to print in the last week of August theb we'll have to forget the whole thing. A benefit event will be held at the rampART to help cover remaining costs after DSEi.

We need pledges to distribute in the first week of September. If there are less than 20 people commiting to at least two hours of door-to-door we'll have to abandon the idea as there will be no point in having thouands of papers and nobody to deliver them. Door-to-door is the best possible outreach and a great way to build links.

The paper should provide a valuable outreach at a level not often achieved during mobalisations in this country but if no help is offered the idea will obviously have to be shelved before commiting to printing. There are many plans and groups working on many things for DSEi so if people are too busy or commited elsewhere then the paper idea will be a non-starter.

A wiki will be set up to contain text in progress so people can see whats currently in. Watch this space.

All comments and suggestion to

Time is limited so do not delay.

daily death


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