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Parliament Square Protest

Datamonkey | 07.08.2005 19:58 | SOCPA | London

About 100 protestors and enough police to look after a football match!

Mr Haw
Mr Haw

Police admire Brian's display
Police admire Brian's display

Arrest In Placard Holding Horror Scandal
Arrest In Placard Holding Horror Scandal

I arrived shortly after mid-day, the protest was as peaceful as you could get, it even included some clowns. For a while it did look like the police were going to allow people to stay and protest unhindered...

But these are sad times indeed, it looked like London and smelled like London but felt it like North Korea (well kinda). Brian has been rendered megaphoneless, ordinary everyday people have been turned into criminals for speaking their mind outside of their own parliament. What's going on?

Anyway, well done to all of the lovely people that did turn up today and hope all goes well for the, "evil criminals" arrested for daring to hold up placards. Lord only know what would have happened if someone had dared amplify their voice using electronic equipment.



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