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Old Timer. | 07.08.2005 15:51 | SOCPA | Repression | London

Video of arrests in Parliament Square today.

The police looked a tad embarrassed today trying to enforce a law which runs contrary to normal UK civil liberties and human rights.

Old Timer.


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Great Video!

07.08.2005 18:16

Great Video - thank you. Put it on the World page - people should see what is happening ouside the UK parliament - the home of democracy (!!)

Neil Williams

Neil Williams
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07.08.2005 20:31

On what grounds were these people arrested? I certainly hope this will be taken to the courts, and that this will be given a serious legal challenge.

Thanks for your efforts!!

Legal Action Is Imperative


07.08.2005 21:02

They would have been arrested for demonstrating without permission under the legislation they were oppising. The reason that those holding banners were targetted would be to make the case stick - those who were attending the simultaneous vegan picnic might be able to argue they weren't taking part, but holding up a banner is pretty good evidence.

Someone with a legal background might be able to answer this, but can the legislation be challenged on the grounds that it offends the Human Rights Act or EU regulations? Is such a challenge being planned?



07.08.2005 22:55

"on what grounds were these people arrested?"

This is tne new Serious Organised Crime and Police Act (2005). We went to Islington police station to welcome the prisoners on their release. We saw 2 of the charge sheets which effectively said something like 'protesting in a non-protest zone without authorisation'

welcome to new britain.


excellent video - thanks

07.08.2005 23:10

great editing and quick uploading - this is what indymedia is all about




08.08.2005 12:59

Thanks for video, great stuff!


Thanks Guys.

08.08.2005 15:34

It takes me about an hour to get home and another hour to do the editing. After that there is about a quarter to half an hour between uploading and the final appearance of the video on Indy. For those interested I am using iMovie on a Mac.

Old Timer.