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Forum for those arrested at the G8

flamesong | 03.08.2005 22:01 | G8 2005 | Globalisation | Repression | Social Struggles | London

A private forum has been created for those who were arrested at the G8 and wish to share information and possibly co-ordinate transport.

Due to the frustration of trying to contact other people who were arrested at the G8 and a lack of information I have established a private/hidden forum for other people who were arrested to share information and seek witnesses.

The preliminary dates are only three weeks away so time is limited. Those who were arrested as a group don't seem to be necessarily appearing in court together and this presents many potential problems which need to be discussed.

Details can be found at

- Homepage:


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Court Support

04.08.2005 13:13

G8 Solidarity
During the G8 protests across Scotland the police arrested and imprisoned around 354 people. Almost two hundred are due to have trials in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Perth, Stirling and Falkirk and court cases are due to start in the next few weeks. Two people are still on remand.

We are a group set up to support everyone who was arrested at or in connection with demonstrations against the G8. We support all those arrested during the anti-G8 protests in July 2005, whatever the reason the police have given for their arrest. We hope to act as a contact point for defendants to meet and work out strategies together and to find witnesses and to provide practical support for people with court cases.

There are several different ways people coming to court can be supported:
- If you live in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Stirling, Perth or Falkirk please get in touch if you are able to provide accommodation for people facing court and their friends or family.
- Cash is needed to help with fares for defendants, friends and family members who don't live in Scotland.
- Come to court to support people while their cases are being heard
- Sending postcards and writing to people in custody
- Arranging for delivery of books and small amounts of money to prisoners in custody
- Welcoming prisoners on release and providing local accommodation if needed

Please get in touch if you were arrested at the G8 and are due in court and want us to help in any way. We are going to try and be in court for everyone coming to trial – please let us know if you are in court so we can be there to support you.

If you need any legal advice then get in touch with the G8 Legal Support or write to G8 Legal Support c/o LDMG BM Box HAVEN London WC1N 3XX

If you are interested in helping people due in court in any way please contact us.

July 2005 Solidarity Group
c/o 17 West Montgomery Place
Edinburgh EH7 5HA
or leave a message on 0131 557 6242

July2005 Solidarity
mail e-mail: