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All the alleged terrorists are Muslims

Propaganda Monster | 03.08.2005 06:31 | Anti-militarism | Anti-racism | Repression | Terror War | World

The AFP wants to misinform or spread disinformation in the community, by not providing the dangerous information they say they have, so we can be aware of the danger? But they want the community to share information with them about danger. Why is that? Why do we pay the AFP to lie to us about danger in the community, when communication is a two-way-street?

Police aware of terror cells?
Police aware of terror cells?

AUSTRALIA/CUBA: The Australian Federal Police (AFP) commissioner mick keelty, a well know propagandist and liar, now claims that 60 Islamic extremists are operating in Australia and they are not news to the police and intelligence agencies.

But that's news to the intelligent community.

So why doesn't he put up or shut up? Once again, why should the community believe this without any proof?

I know, because the misinformation and disinformation came from a government source. But unfortunately this government source lies to us, so show us the proof. Otherwise, what mick keelty wants the community to believe is misinformation or disinformation.

But why does the police commissioner lie to us? Because he thinks that if he spreads misinformation, disinformation or propaganda then that will discourage anyone thinking about terrorising the government?

Or to pretend that the governments participation in an illegal and degrading war, killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people didn't offend anyone!

Or to keep on killing the innocent in Afghanistan?

Or all of the above?

hoWARd, ruddock, ellison, keelty and news ltd plotted chaos

Now they go on in the article to describe themselves as intelligence officials? But I'm sorry to say that any group of people who ask another group of people to believe what they believe based on no evidence is amongst the most unintelligent and lost group of people the world has ever known.


keelty says former senior ASIO officer, michael roach, is roughly correct in his count of extremists in Australia but he doesn't say that is what he is depending on to have the community swallow the story or if in fact he help plant the disinformation in the first place.

keelty: "It's something that's not news to the intelligence community and the AFP," keelty said.

But it's something that is news to the community so can you prove it?

keelty: "We've been aware for some time roughly the number of people who have trained overseas and they've been the focus of the attention of both ASIO and the AFP and also the state police in our joint operations."

Joint fishing expeditions more like it!

Houses raided over 'possible' political attack plans?

Why would an ASIO 'fishing expedition' tell 'News Ltd anything'? May I suggest that these are the only loose-links that should be discussed? News Ltd and the very radical hoWARd government in Canberra, which have apparently been using large articles for propaganda purposes to attack targets including the Australian Community with unwarranted and uncalled for baseless fears.


So who are we looking for? We need a description or a list, so 'if we see something' 'we can say something' but we can't see anything, because keelty won't share any information with us, so then we'll know what to look for and where to look for it?

The commissioner says prosecutions made by the police against extremists make it self-evident that terrorist cells exist.

Who? Jack Roach who wanted attention and spoke to the AFP? Because he wanted to say something only to learn that he gave himself up to the AFP under new anti-terror provisions that have no real basis at law!

Jack Roach who couldn't run a second-hand shop let alone bomb anything?

A stitch in time saves nine?

Jack Roach may have been found not guilty if he wasn't such an attention seeker. Imagine that this guy rang up ASIO to help them? Shame about the quick nine years he'll spend in solitary confinement and rough Ruddock want's to give Roach another quick 16 years just for good will. Lawyers know all to well that the mud sticks better when you're in the slammer especially when the public are misinformed. Obviously Roach was a couch potato who couldn't get out of his lounge chair let alone bomb an Embassy.


So let me see? Who else is on keelty's list? Ah, no one! So on the basis that he found one man guilty and has alleged on countless occasions others are suspected and the fact that the authorities changed the law to suit themselves, then what keelty is purporting is misinformation or at least disinformation.

Keelty: "I don't want to affect current efforts before courts but we have slowly been working through these different entities and some of these people are in fact charged under the new legislation and are before the courts," he said.

"Certainly there are others out there who remain the focus of our attention."

Yeah! Hey Rocky let pull a hat out of my rabbit. Since when are police allowed to spread misinformation, disinformation and propaganda? And whom does it serve? The American Military Industrial Complex!

commissioner keelty says intelligence agencies are working hard to monitor the movements of those people.

Those people that he hasn't described or listed so the public can verify it and help with the investigation? Why is it a secret and how is that going to help the public 'see something' that has not been listed or verified?

Are we supposed to walk around in the dark with our eyes closed because the AFP won't point to the alleged danger?

keelty: "There is various amounts of information known on each one of them but I don't want to go into the detail of any of that and affect the security or the integrity of the operations," he said.

Nor will it then verify whether what he says is true because that's his secret, but we'll still believe him right? Wrong!

Show us the list and describe some detail keelty otherwise that is misinformation, disinformation and propaganda that only a dope would swallow. Or perhaps people too busy and just getting on with their lives. People who have not time for bullshit!

keelty: "People need to understand that this has been the focus of a number of agencies for the last couple of years. "A lot of good hard work has been put into this and we are steadily keeping on top of it."

But he has nothing to show for it accept Jack Roach?

Public help?

Cockroach has also said that potential terrorists can be thwarted and that the most important weapon against them is observant and proactive security staff and the public.

But it appears that the most appropriate weapon the government uses is misinformation, disinformation and propaganda. Why is that more important than being observant and proactive?

The AFP wants to misinform or spread disinformation in the community, by not providing the dangerous information they say they have, so we can be aware of the danger? But they want the community to share information with them about danger. Why is that? Why do we pay the AFP to lie to us about danger in the community, when communication is a two-way-street?

Because they don't have anything with substance to report.

Cockroach: "They need to be given a criteria as to what they should be looking for and there is a criteria," cockroach said.

Beauty? Now we're getting somewhere, show us the list and then show us your proof and then we'll follow it up.

Cockroach: "What the public needs to be looking for, what the trained officials need to be looking for, is somebody standing in the corner, somebody who's holding onto their backpack, somebody who looks really concerned and anxious."

Is that like the somebody that's on keelty's alleged list? Funny how the AFP want to hold back from the community all those alleged likely suspects, who may be holding onto bombs on their backs in the community, so the community will accidentally give up a backpacker on holidays, who can't wait to have a shit, because he's been on the bus for 10 hours.

Cockroach: "Somebody who's clean shaven or somebody wearing a vest that looks so unusual - the jumper is bulky, the vest is bulky not fit with other clothing and 'Middle Eastern' appearance."

He means an innocent Muslim on a backpacker's holiday! He certainly doesn't mean those on keelty's list otherwise we would be shown the list of alleged suspects right! Wrong.

commissioner Guilty as Sin says the AFP already relies upon considerable help from the public.

Even though the public don't rely on any considerable information from the AFP?

Guilty: "That's why we have the national hotline, the 1800 123 400, and there wouldn't be an operation that I'm aware of that we've conducted where someone hasn't used the hotline at some stage of that operation," he said.

No! We have a national hotline because john hoWARd went to an illegal and degrading war killing hundreds of thousands of innocent men women and children and people hate the hoWARd government for it!

Guilty: "It's pleasing to see that the public in Australia is aware of the potential dangers and are willing to speak up about it."

Yes: No more war ! Did you hear that? No more illegal and degrading war on any sovereign nation state!

Then our civil liberties can be put back in place and no one will need to be alarmed about anything accept those guilty of the war crimes who have not faced judgement!

Muslims targeted?

Cockroach also says police and other security agencies will now begin to target suspects at least partly based on their race.

But also, at least partly based on their race and religion, right, you cockroach?

Cockroach: "Unfortunately, Middle-Eastern people are going to be approached more often than not and that's just the way it goes at the moment," he said.

"We can't do anything about it. But if that person has nothing to fear, nothing to hide and is being approached politely that person, by rights, should not be concerned with that approach at all."

But people have everything to fear and everything to hide because of all the misinformation, disinformation, lies and propaganda purported by the hoWARd government and including fears about the anti-terrorist act, an Act that has reduced their civil rights and liberties.

Commissioner Guilty says police are not targeting Muslims? But that's a joke son unless he's targeting Muslim Australians.

Guilty: "One of the things that I fear is that we are marginalising the Islamic community by broadbrush stereotyping," he said.

"We are focused on the people who we are aware have trained overseas, we are focused on the people who we know have a propensity to do something wrong.

The people he won't tell anyone about, all 60 of them?

Guilty: "We're not focussed on the Islamic community.

"There are a lot of very, very good people in the Islamic community and they're the ones who, in my view, will identify where the problems are."

Really? Even when the hoWARd government itself failed to lead by example, has committed war crimes against humanity, then spreads misinformation, disinformation, propaganda, and lies to cover it up?

I would be surprised if in fact that were the case at all!

Civil Liberties Reform

Guilty also says police and intelligence agencies are reviewing their counter-terrorism powers.

So now they want to take away more of the community's civil liberties because of more lies without showing the community any proof. How is that?

Guilty: "We've been discussing with the attorney-general's department some further reforms that the government might consider," he said.

But keelty will not spell out what reforms police are seeking.

"The Government deserves to hear about that policy first from the department," he said.

"But we've been looking at what we've currently got available to us and we've been looking at what has occurred in London and what might be useful for us to look at and consider."

But what has occurred in London has been the result of what has occurred in Iraq so why aren't the guilty subject to the old police powers? That is before you make up any more for the community!

Guilty: "The reality is this is a moving feast - we are challenged by different moves by the terrorist groups, by each interest group, every time they attack.

"We have to increase our understanding and we have to appropriately respond but let me say this... it's the appropriateness of the response that we have to be careful about."

But the reality is this is a moving farce - we are challenged by illegal and degrading war crimes against humanity by fascists who govern our nation, war criminals who think they can pre-emptively strike foreign nation states and then jump for joy.

But instead the community is asked to suffer the consequences by having their civil liberties taken away by idiots who make claims they cannot support and who won't arrest the war criminals for their pre-emptive attacks, torture and killings. Now on top of all of that they want to lie to us.


Bin Laden my target, then where has he bin?

Don't you just love it how prisoners are believed when the authorities want to believe them yet if a prisoner pleaded innocent they'd never believe them, ever, unless they were proven innocent beyond a reasonable doubt! So is this a sudden change in philosophy in the war on justice, human rights and liberty.


All the wicked witches in Pakistan?

"Everybody has a right to get knowledge," said Abdul Samad of Britain, one of about 100 foreigners enrolled in Karachi.


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Can you trust liars?

03.08.2005 11:52

First and foremost, to accept that the 'terrorists' are Muslim fanatics, we have to believe that our governments, police and intelligence services are honest and do not lie. We know that is not true, because they lied about WMD's to invade Iraq, so why should we believe any of their anti-Islamic propaganda, without conclusive, indisputable evidence, of which there is none.


So what?

03.08.2005 12:16

What is exactly wrong with claiming that "60 Islamic extremists are operating in Australia "??
If you are offended by that then everything offends you, maybe you should look at yourself at the mirror


Be Specific

03.08.2005 19:10

The mythical groups to which you are referring have done nothing even remotely close to the TERROR and criminal activity of the LIARS making this claim, in order to provide a spokescreen to their Naked Aggression, slaughter of innocent people, and broader agenda of Neo-Fascism.

Until any of their many unsupported Conspiracy Theories have been proven with compelling and independently-verifiable evidence, your, and their, argument falls very flat.

It would appear that this site has a Spook-infection problem. However, this just highlights the fear and desperation felt by their masters, who are coming under increasing scrutiny and opposition, since their LIES have been solidly refuted, their many criminal acts, exposed.

Don't Fall for the PsyOps

Yawn Yawn

03.08.2005 19:42

"Until any of their many unsupported Conspiracy Theories have been proven with compelling and independently-verifiable evidence, your, and their, argument falls very flat. "

Which is, ironically, the problem with most of PsychoOops postings too. Hey pot, meet kettle.....

"It would appear that this site has a Spook-infection problem."

Spook now appears to be his term of endearment for anyone at all cynical about his theories.......

Big Bad Boab

yeah but no yeah

04.08.2005 10:11

All very well, but you are a twat Boab.

Even I have to admit that it takes more than a few throw away comments to refute this well thought out article - and we must refute it, otherwise we might be wrong and that would be the worse thing.


Just a mo

04.08.2005 21:39

Magoo, me ol' mate

I think you may have misunderstood, and perhaps my wording was poor. I was highlighting our old pal PsychooooOops' dismal response and not the original piece.

Blame a Bathgate educashun



The People Shouting "Arab Terrorists!" Are Proven LIARS

04.08.2005 22:33

"Until any of their many unsupported Conspiracy Theories have been proven with compelling and independently-verifiable evidence, your, and their, argument falls very flat. "

[Which is, ironically, the problem with most ...]

I'm not spreading hatred, or justifying illegal warfare, and the destruction of civil liberties, based upon unproven Theories. I'm simply pointing out that the Burden of Proof is upon the men who gave the world "Iraq has WMD!!", and that thus far, their Theories are just that.

It would appear that this site has a Spook-infection problem.

[Spook now appears to be his term of endearment for anyone at all cynical about his theories.......]

Nope, just the ones consistently demanding that critics of the Official Theory, who point out the holes in the official stories, or ask where the missing evidence is present Impossible Proofs (Disinformation), and giving the proven LIARS in Government a free pass.

Those Working To Derail Debate