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56a Infoshop Social Center, London: new website!

Precari-Droid | 17.07.2005 11:59 | Free Spaces | Indymedia | Technology | London

The 56a Infoshop, longstanding social centre in South London, has finally relaunched its website enabling all and sundry to now know what goes on here...

Yes! We have finally wrested control of the 56a site from an obscure flat in Brixton to our own hub of web creativity. It's an ever changing site but we can now update regularly.

Listed on the site are most of the projects that use the space, plus a bunch of stuff and photos from recent happenings down here..Rather than go on about it here...check it out..

56a Infoshop
56 Crampton St
London SE17 3AE UK

Thursday 2-8pm
Friday 3-7pm
Saturday 2-6pm


- e-mail:
- Homepage: