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G8: All eyes on Scotland!

ab | 15.07.2005 23:07 | G8 2005 | Indymedia | World

Before, during and after the G8 all media attention focussed on Scotland and the anti-G8 protests.
Not only the mainstream media reported; over 50 Indypendent Media Collectives from Africa to Australia reported in at least 20 different languages in their editorials on the summit and the opposition.
More numerous accounts and reports in the newswires.
Here is a first summary of the features collected by Indymedia groups world wide.
G8 2005, Gleneagles: Repression, Resistance and Clowns

G8 circus comes to Scotland!


Indymedia Canarias:
G8: Cumbre hasta la coronilla

Estrecho Indymedia:
¡El circo del G8 llega a Escocia!


Thunderbay Indymedia:
July 2: Over 200 000 March in Edinburgh ahead of G8 Summit


Antwerpen Indymedia:
G8 top - 6 juli 2005

Athens Indymedia:

Austria Indymedia:
Und nochmal: NoG8!

Liege Indymedia:
De Edinburgh à Stirling : Faisons du G8 de l’histoire ancienne…
Gleneagles 05: retour aux sources du mouvement des mouvements

Indymedia Ost-Vlaandern
verslag g8 dag per dag

Indymedia West Vlaandern:
Protesten tegen de G8-top in Schotland

Indymedia Belgium:
- Wednesday 6th: G8 Blockades
- G8
- 200.000 betogers op eerste dag van anti-G8-protest

Indymedia Euskal Herria:
G8 - Eskozia 2005

Galiza Indymedia:
G8 - Escocia 2005

Germany Indymedia:
G8: Die besten Parties sind immer noch die, zu denen man nicht eingeladen ist

Hungary Indymedia:
A G8 és a Védegylet
A G8 szabadkereskedelmi egyezménye velünk marad – és vele a világ szegénysége is
Anti-G8 taktika: ne verekedj, inkább röhögj
Afrikai földművesek Edinburgh-ben a klímaváltozás mai hatásairól
Karneválozók foglalták el a Princess streetet
Make poverty history! - Tedd történelemmé a szegénységet! – (Edinburgh, G8 ellencsúcs)

Indymedia Ireland:
Archive of IMC IRL G8 Gleneagles Coverage
Carnival For Full Enjoyment Contained By Police: Locals Attack Them Later On In The Evening (G8 4/7)

Istanbul indymedia:
Edinburgh, Dolu Dolu Eğlence Karnavalı
İskoçya G8 - Faslane Kuşatması
G8 eylem raporu - 3 Temmuz Pazar
G8 eylem raporu - 2 Temmuz Cumartesi
G8 eylem raporu - 1 Temmuz Cuma
G8 sirki İskoçya'ya geliyor!

Italy Indymedia:
Make G8 history

Indymedia La Plana:
Uns que tanquen, altres que naixen

IMC Nantes
Anti-G8 : malgré la haute tension, la résistance continue
Urgent Appel a soutien pour Julie Chancel et ses co-detenus
Gleneagles 2005

Netherlands IMC
G8 geeft No-Global beweging een nieuw elan
G8 Update
John Feelgood Indymedia NewsFlash (Nr.160)

Nice Indymedia:
Ratatouillons le G8

Norway Indymedia:
Motstand mot - G8 - møtet i Skottland

Paris IMC:
Liberation des prisonniers Edimbourgh No G8
G8 : nouvelles des derniers jours
Rhythms of Resistance : communiqué
10 français détenus arbitrairement en Ecosse

IMC Toulouse:
Actions anti-G8 en Ecosse

Indymedia Switzerland
capitalism is boring - g8 in scotland
NO G8 2005 Scozia: aggiornamenti dal mediacenter

Portugal Indymedia
Repressão em Edinburgo
G-8: a resposta dos manifestantes


Aotearoa IMC:
G8 - Protests in Scotland and Aotearoa
The G8 and Indymedia
Reportase dari resistensi: Festival anti-globalisasi
Pesta Rakyat Anti Globalisasi di Skotlandia

Perth Indymedia:
Covering the G8 protests 2005

Melbourne IMC:
Grassroots Indymedia Coverage of G8 Actions

Sydney Indymedia:
Corporate Climate Criminal Carrnivale!!


Indymedia Argentina
Donde hay poder, hay resistencias.

Santiago Indymedia:
Marcha contra el G8

Equador Indymedia:
Lucha global contra el capital! NO AL G8!

Mexico IMC:
Protestas en el centro de detencion de inmigrantes de Dungavel
Aspirinas musicales para abatir la pobreza
Bloqueo informativo a los canales independientes en edimburgo

Uruguay Indymedia:
¡El circo del G8 llega a Escocia!


US Indymedia:
All Empires Must Fall: G8 Solidarity Actions

Indybay SF:
West Coast Anti-Capitalist Mobilization Breaking News
SF Bay Area Reports from Scotland
Midwest and East Coast Anti-Capitalist Actions
G8 Updates from Scotland

Richmond Indymedia:
overview of today's actions
MTR/G8 Protest Breaking News

Kansas IMC:
Midwest Says No More G8- Report Back from KC G8 Mobilization

G8 solidarity demonstration in San Franciso
G8 Protests: Barricades Fill the Streets of San Francisco

Chicago Imc:
G8 Summit: Indymedia Reports from Scotland

Cleveland Indymedia:
G 8 Summit Links

Colorado Indymedia:
Indymedia coverage of the G8Summit in Edinbourgh

DC Indymedia:
Successful Protest against Massey Energy on July 8 in solidarity with the G8 protests in Scotland
The Voices and the Violence in Gleneagles

St.Louis IMC:
Midwest Says No More G8- Report Back from KC G8 Mobilization

San Diego IMC:
West Coast Anti-Capitalist March reportbacks

Madison Indymedia:
G8 Conference on Preserving the Climate Not Expected to Succeed

Miami Indymedia:
Indybay, UK coverage of G8

New Orleans IMC:
G8 Information

North Carolina IMC
G8 International Day of Action

Pittsburgh Indymedia:
In leadup to G8 Conference, Indymedia server in the UK seized

Portland Indymedia:
Live 8, the G8, and the White Man's Burden
The G8 conference - a simple primer
Over 200,000 take to the streets of Edinburgh to protest against capitalism


Midwest Anarchist Mobilisation:

East Coast Convergence:

West Coast Anti- Capitalist Mobilisation

Other websites:

Fully automatic:



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Denmark indymedia

16.07.2005 10:23

Denmark indymedia has an article on the action on Bush, when he stopped-over in Copenhagen before he arrived in Scotland.



17.07.2005 07:58

put our (ukraine) indy in list too