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London suicide bomb attempts

Westminster mole | 12.07.2005 21:40 | Repression | London

Official cover-ups of two suicide bomb attempts in London in the last week?

There are rumours circulating around Whitehall of two suicide bomb attempts.

The first was at Canary Wharf at about the same time as the synchronised London bombings. The bomber was shot.

The second was 8pm this evening, 12th July, at the Houses of Parliament. Parliament was evacuated.

Westminster mole


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Wouldn't be surpised

13.07.2005 00:50

As a local to the E14 area, I'm hearing about the Canary Wharf shooting from lots of different sources ... A nurse being one of them and a copper being another (yeah I know a copper ... he's a friend of a friend, honest)

Something's being supressed ...


The games afoor Watson!

13.07.2005 09:19

Um, how easy it is to silence 8k people? Not very! I suggest you go down Canary Wharf and ask people if you can't be convinced this story is total bollocks. Are they all scared of a walk in the woods or is it that nothing happened? The Internet would be awash with eyewitness accounts. But like the Israeli Warning story we have nothing but a slapdash piece in a minor rag and a few sourced rehashes...

Move on and find something REAL to get excited about.

Affordable Holmes

Witness testimony

13.07.2005 16:03

I heard from someone who claims they saw a suicide bomber being shot at Canary Warf on the day. Could be bollox but I heard it on the day.