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London Bombs: Police wants to have every mail and SMS contents

anonymous coward | 11.07.2005 09:29 | Repression | Technology | London

Reuters titled yesterday: 'Police seek emails and SMS from day of blasts'

LONDON (Reuters) - Police have asked mobile phone and Internet companies to store the content of voicemails, emails and SMS text messages that were in their systems on the day of the London bombings, a police source said on Sunday.

anonymous coward


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London & all her victims need an Inquiry. Public Answers and questions

11.07.2005 12:25

It is now, less than one week on, as you in London, and the UK collectively
move on from the initial shock, and your primary victims -
the dead and wounded are being named and treated.
your secondary victims -
the emergency forces and doctors and those who luckily escaped the blasts
your tertiary victims -
all those whose response have been emotionally narrow and have expressed either
knee jerk political bias or worse desires for revenge
and your quartiary victims -
those who attempt to place irrational sylogistic patterns on the events to
explain them.

to move to an important stage in your collective recovery
and therapy and remembrance.

Demand a Public Inquiry on the London Bombings of july 7th 2005.
to which will be called -
Tony Blair and appropriate ministers. (to wit all COBRA)
Police officer Blair of the Met.
the responsible parties for the emergency services on the scene.
the responsibles parties for intelligence monitoring before the event.
representatives of London's communities, the authority, the boroughs effected by the bombings.
A representative of the Victims.

If such a public inquiry does not occur,
You are erring on the side of "stoicism" and thus allow
whomever perpretated these acts to set your recent history
on a the basis of an easy to recall number.
& you will regret not having been more collectively astute much further along the line,
whatever the political consequences in domestic, municipal or international policy of the UK.

YOU need that inquiry.
the lack of one would return to haunt "your way of life".

ipsiphi in barcelona

What you do not seem to understand.

11.07.2005 13:21

What you and others do not seem to understand is that we, the people of the UK, are not able to demand an enquiry. Tony Bliar is all powerful, he can take us to war without the consent not only of parliament but also of the people. If he doesn't want an enquiry there will be no enquiry, end of story. Sure, we can vote him out that the next general election but then he will merely be replaced by someone with similar draconian powers, such is the nature of our sham democracy.


Without the consent of Parliament

11.07.2005 15:00

Perhaps you should check your facts, there was a vote in parliament and they voted for war. Stop spreading your anti myths and lies.



11.07.2005 15:28

"those who attempt to place irrational sylogistic patterns on the events to explain them. "

"you will regret not having been more collectively astute much further along the line"

collectively astute?

how ?

if we cant draw seemingly unrelated information together
as a way to get awareness of the situation?
[our own individual awareness]

oh i get it...

what you're saying is
rely on 'alternative'

script-writers of your consciousness

and we can all stand together with a narrow
and get beaten up for the corporate news media cameras

is that it?

paul c