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Stirling Campsite Update

imc | 10.07.2005 12:38 | G8 2005

As the Stirling Campsite packs up the police have obtained four search warrants for the site. The campers are fairly relaxed.

The warrants obtained include one under common law looking for two fire extinguishers taken from Pizza Hut, and one under criminal law looking for weapons - knives, machettes, wooden poles with nails... and golf clubs, the others for explosives and firearms.

Tents are being searched, and the thistles searched, by cops in black overalls. They are filming people, and being filmed by lots of people themselves.

People are still packing down around them, and will need help packing up. The atmosphere is generally relaxed and legal observers expect the police to leave after they have searched through.



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  1. Pleasant trip home — Cunning Stunt
  2. Pathetic — ant