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Resist train returns safely to Kings Cross

a person | 09.07.2005 19:03 | G8 2005 | Repression | London

We've just heard that the South East Assembly Resist train has returned safely from the G8 protests. The train set off at 11.47am this morning - there were some 40 cops there to greet the London-bound protesters, a couple of stop and searches took place before anarchists waved goodbye to the police.

When the train arrived, there were around 100 cops and several FIT teams waiting for them. There was no trouble, people went straight through.

a person


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Policing at Kings Cross

09.07.2005 23:34

I had expected the hyperactive police activity around the G8 train that we saw at its departure from Kings Cross and arrival at Edinburgh last week and its departure from Edinburgh earlier today, would melt away when the train arrived at Kings Cross tonight - given the bombings in London and the need to focus police resources in urgently preventing another attack.

However, the massive police presence at Kings Cross tonight which was there to greet us, proves conclusively that the 'war on terror' and the subsequent repressive attack on civil liberties is intended to act as an excuse to stamp down on internal dissent within this country - not to seriously tackle any real terrorist threat. I overheard passers by who queried what was going on being told by the police that they were dealing with the 'illegals from the G8 demonstrations'.

It is clear that this overwhelming police presence (including the intrusive and repressive photographing of demonstrator) is designed not only to intimidate demonstrators, but also to criminalise us in the eyes of the public - tactics designed to limit the number of participants in demonstrations.

How are we going to deal with this?




10.07.2005 17:32

get a good lawyer


Resist train returns safely

11.07.2005 02:00

Resist train returns from oppression and is met with more oppression and repression!
Some people only ever go to London to "March" from A to B, listen to Tony Benn, Bruce Kent and Bianca Jagger in Trafalgar Square or to attend a "marxist conference".

I digress.

Zed asks, what do we do?
Get a lawyer is one way.
Dream out high volume - is another.
Stand firm against oppression and tyranny. Be locked up, illegally, beaten and then come out and become president like Mandela.
Write about how you feel, to MPS, medias, councillors, comrades.
Think - laterally - how to overcome and absorb this oppression and repression.
Wear your underpants over your skirts or keks.
Form an affinity group - of one, or of one hundred.
Form or join a samba band.
Learn thoroughly, most of the (police) laws of demo and protest.
And so on and so on.

RESIST. Any which way you can.
We are Liege. THEY,,,,,,,,,are Afeared.

Free spirit.


Aw dear dear me.....CALM DOON

11.07.2005 17:30

....*sigh*..... you lot really are a bit strange. But, I for one am glad that you are gone. I can not really agree with any of the so called 'protestors' sentiments conveyed on this site as they are so far removed from reality that I fear most posters are high on drugs.

You all came along to Scotland and were completely outclassed, out-thought and out - bloc 'd by the decent police up here.

There would, no doubt have been very many more 'sorry heids' (look it up) had you all been faced with any othe rpolice force in the world.

On a lighter note, the Forrest Cafe will get what it so justly its deserves from the decent citizens of Edinburgh sometime in the near future.

Lets just say its us getting our own back!

take care, hairy, ugly, thoughtless people.....

Greyfriars Bobby