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Bristol Indymedia : Back and Now on Oscailt!

forwarded message | 09.07.2005 15:08 | Indymedia

Bristol Indymedia Is Back!

The delay in getting it back up was partly caused by us being right in the middle of testing a new (and apparently infintely better) codebase when it got seized (that and G8 summit distractions.)

There seemed little point plugging the old clunky DADA code back in, but the new Oscailt code is still a little under tested.

We're also currently missing the archive, partly because CID are in possession of it, and partly because getting our DADA back-ups to be compatible with the new Oscailt set-up is a job in itself.

So, here you go, BIM is back! If you find any bugs please do let us know, there's bound to be a fair few, and some bugs will show up on some packages and not others, so it is very necessary to have your feedback.

Please email us with any bug reports:

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