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Bush resigns!

Paul O'Hanlon | 09.07.2005 11:40 | G8 2005 | Anti-militarism | Culture | Repression | London | World

Here is the Time magazine cover which says what we all want to here! Bush has resigned and Cheney is in prison!
If only!

He's resigned!
He's resigned!

Here is the cover of `Time` magazine which tells us what we all want to hear - Dumbo Dubya has resigned!

Paul O'Hanlon
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Bad joke!

09.07.2005 12:04

Bad joke, people, if ... it doesn't happen.


really stupid!!

09.07.2005 13:16

Really bad taste to play with people´s hopes and emotions these days! Go get a life!



09.07.2005 13:17

yes but bush is just like a microphone.. and if he goes someone else will take his place.



09.07.2005 20:11

oh my god fluffy did you actually for one second get your hopes up that it was a real report?

some guy

a message Australian Prime Minister

11.07.2005 08:53

For a moment your article left me wondering where I, along with many governments, was going to get my next supply of guns, money and drugs.

john hoWARd


03.10.2006 20:15

You can't even spell the word "hear". How bout you hold off on criticizing others until after you graduate 3rd grade.

you're an idiot