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Morning 06.07.05 Black Block tactics in Stirling

resist nl | 08.07.2005 05:52 | G8 2005 | Birmingham | Manchester | Scotland

Morning 06.07.05 Black Block tactics in Stirling

Full quality Xvid available :

Morning 06.07.05 Black Block tactics in Stirling

resist nl


Fuck the black bloc, long live anarchy!

08.07.2005 08:43

This is the dumbest thing i have ever seen, if this is todays black bloc "tactics", we hit the ground. That sort of action is meanigless shite, far away from sabotage and far away from the politics of liberation. This is popculture at it's best!!!



08.07.2005 08:59

Whats the point exactly? Stirling 'shome to mostly low income folk and nowhere near Gleneagles---
R U just CIA stirrers?


Is it really helpful to show this mindless crap?

08.07.2005 09:45


bored with black bloc bollox

What is the point?

08.07.2005 10:16

You're not doing anyone a favour. Go to Gleneagles and tell the warmongers there what you think of them. What's the point throwing stones at police? It only makes bad television.


the bloc that lots its way

08.07.2005 11:52

did i feel solidarity,
did i laugh
or did i cringe?

has the bloc lost its way?

was there a point?

or just to play?


Video worth watching

08.07.2005 13:03

The video is well worth watching as it shows quite different footage to most of that familar from Sky and suggests that the BB was a lot more organised than appeared to be the case. I'm certain re thinking my inital reaction to it.

Also from a report from the camp about a meeting with locals it appears likely that the 'residents windows being smashed' is a media invention - see

home Homepage:


08.07.2005 13:33

Pick up the real local newspaper, Stirling Observer, out today (no we're not talking Sky, BBC, big media, but local news) about local Stirling’s folks windows and property being damaged. Talk to the people who’s windows and property lies in tatters.

I live yards from the houses which were wrecked Joe. Your not even near Stirling are you ya fuckwit!



08.07.2005 15:04

You might claim to be from Stirling but we have no proof of this beyond your claim. What is clear is that known local activists haven't heard such stories nor have they seen such damage. Nor has their been media coverage.

Above all else the story makes no sense - why would activists attack ordinary houses?


Action directe pour la revolution!

08.07.2005 15:46

Very good video!
Less talk, more action!
Government don't care a fuck about pacific demo! Only violence can afraid the bourgeoisie!
(scuse me for my bad english, i'm french)


This website is classic comedy

08.07.2005 15:50

Yet another claim of "show us the proof" from the great unwashed.

When someone has an opposite view they seem to march to the tune of "proof, proof, proof" Yet I see there's masses of proof from their own claims of various shit throughout this website!

The only proof of any claims of the usual spouted shit on this website is the woman who was hit by the cow over the field next to the A9.

Yawwwnnnnnn....ok G8s over, time to go home, have your tea, play some football then go to bed early with your soft toys.

And don't worry the giros will be arriving soon.

Benny Hill

to the bloke from bannockburn who likes local papers

08.07.2005 17:10

I am also from Banockburn, and i know from living here that our local newspaper is a joke.

Bear in mind this "Stirling Observer" only releases one "Stirling" issue per week, and one "Alloa/Hillfoots" issue. The Stirling Issue is released on a wednesday, and even when they've had a whole week to research stories, it's still generally crap . With the Black Bloc Tactics having occured early wednesday morning, the chances of the paper having the full story by the time it hit the shops, as you'd think you wouldve realised, are pretty small.

I don't know of any residents property that was destroyed. Why not upload some of those photo's you're supposedly well informed local paper showed?


Well done BB!

08.07.2005 20:48

What is wrong with what the Black Bloc are doing here? In this video, there is no destruction of private property other than a Burger King, materials taken to build a blockade, and Police resources. Sadly, I think that violence is the only way to change things effectively - sitting in a road sining is nice, but it doesn't get things done like violence can. The Black Bloc are doing nothing but fighting State oppression and capitalism - so what if it's near G8 or not? The diversion of Police resources from the area could be helpful to Anarchists nearer the summit. Anyway, it's all over now, so let's stop bickering and get on with planning something else.

(not applicable)

jolly japes

08.07.2005 23:50

Oh what jolly japes. The bourgeoisie are quaking in their boots.

blac coc


09.07.2005 01:15

Good day to you all from far away Australia. This thread has provided rich pickings indeed for my chosen hobby and professional recreation - the spotting and recording of imbeciles.

Wow, what a selection! I particularly liked the yellow breasted French imbecile (les imbecilie) and his poor attempt at the Queen's language. Best to stick to what you do best, Pierre - running away from trouble then waiting for the rest of us to help you.

And eye gouging in Rugby, of course.

To those impertinent individuals who dare to bring reason and clarity to this discussion, please stop immediately and vacate the area. With so many imbeciles around, you may be inadvertantly spotted.

Thankyou and keep up the good work!

Imbecile Spotter

laugh ~ I really did ~ the funniest week of my life

09.07.2005 01:55

jeez, Black rock dude......chuckle chuckle chuckle.

as for the Black Bloc.....saw you lot in action on Monday, what pish you are, but I s'pose you cant expect more from a bunch of Goths bunking off school......( "quick get home....chicken twizzlers for tea ~ yummy)

On another sad note, I might be retiring soon as my friends at Indymedia keep deleting all of my hard work. I mean its not easy for me, with all my 'other responsibilities'.

cheers for now, and please keep the real views of Edinburgh and Scotland coming......

I love you all,

Greyfriars Bobby

Greyfriars Bobby

Hiya Bruce ~ glad you have an internet down there

09.07.2005 02:02

......struth man, you hit the nail on the head, wish you'd been here to see the 'war on the state' and the fearsome 'riots' against 'the police state'. Utter netball mate, I went to photo the lot on Monday 4 July.....and met some very funny and friendly policemen who simply wanted to keep Edinburgh safe and happy.

Keep it real!

Greyfriars Bobby.......Indymedia Cultural Attache ~ Scotchland and t'North

Greyfriars Bobby

Useful tool

09.07.2005 05:39

The black bloc is the solidarity and strength of the anarchist movement. The actions commited are important, if not required to destroy the system and put in its place a peaceful, more humanitarian way of life (which, keep in mind, is the main goal of all this yelling). Burger King, Pizza Hut and cops are all prime examples of what destroy the world. Destroy them; build a better life.

You think the system will destroy itself because you sit around singing koombaya? You think lobbying for the system will change the system? Go listen to John Lennon and stay in your bean bag chair. The times have changed and I'm going to tell you something: Peaceful protest does shit and always have (prime example: the 60's/70's).

Direct action gets the goods!

Good job, Black Bloc!


This is a bit surprising to me...

09.07.2005 12:37

Wow! I'm from the U.S. and frankly this tactic over here would end up with someone shot. Therefore the Blac Bloc's tactics are quite different over here. I'm honestly not entirely sure what to think of this. I'm used to seeing the Bloc acting in a more coordinated manner...


M9 was closed

09.07.2005 20:30

I haven't seen the video. But I would point out that as far as I understand the aim was to reach and blockade the A9/M9. In spite of the long walk and reduced numbers people DID get to the motorway and blocked it for hours. This would not have happened without the black block breaking through cop lines repeatedly. It really is as simple as that!!


Antifaschistische Linke Berlin

09.07.2005 20:41


war einer der teilnehmer aus deutschland.
wir mussten sehen, dass mit den block leuten aus UK überhaupt nich zu arbeiten war.
echt kein arbeiten mit denen.
ich würde denen mal einige demos in berlin oder so empfehlen und ihnen zeigen wie mans macht.
all der aufwand um zum veranstaltungsort zu gelangen und dann so ein reinfall.

wie gesagt nix dickes...

tut mir lleid, aber das is die traurige wahrheit.

Antifaschistische Linke Berlin

Antifaschistische Linke Berlin
mail e-mail: Antifaschistische Linke Berlin
home Homepage: http://


10.07.2005 00:37

"The Black Bloc are doing nothing but fighting State oppression and capitalism - so what if it's near G8 or not?"

Well how about the Blac Bloc Cocks heading to their own towns, cities and villages on their jolly little wrecking sprees? Or is that just too risky for them?

Greyfriars Bobby:
howdy Scot to another....I agree, I've spent hour upon hour typing on here only for my postings to disappear. Either Alistair Campbell has a new job on this website or Sky News has taken over operations.

Any relation to toffee...thought not, toffee sticks, your piss comments don't!

Cunning Stunt


10.07.2005 00:39

the police are as much the enemy as are the g8. if the black block is the only contingent which will engage the police then more power to them. if we want to challenge the g8, were gonna have to fight, and in our own communities whether that be strirling or anywhere else.


Waste of time

10.07.2005 01:48

I know the BBC are 'evil' and are 'corporate media' according to you lot, but I saw a clip on the news of an anarchist smashing a Stirling residents car window with an iron bar and pulling off its number plate. Let me guess, was it faked by the government and the police?


C'mon where's the violence?

10.07.2005 02:01

C'mon people, where's the violence in this video?
Slapping some police shields, running a bit around and trying to make your way as a demonstration is not violence.

Violence is: Starving 100000 people to death each day.
Torture, gassing, destruction of whole cities.
Killing millions of kids.
Bombing countries.
Spreading radioactivity.
Installing dictatorships.

And violence would be: A mortar attack on chimpie the moron, an RPG for bLiar and a nuke on Fort Langley.

And even then, folks, don't start to talk about justifications, please, I beg you!

Cause a war against government, banks, corporations, nazis and the so-called "intelligence" (huh!) can never reach a size that's even close to their wars...


"Stirling residents car"

10.07.2005 09:59

L said:

" know the BBC are 'evil' and are 'corporate media' according to you lot, but I saw a clip on the news of an anarchist smashing a Stirling residents car window with an iron bar and pulling off its number plate. Let me guess, was it faked by the government and the police?"

Are you perchance talking of the unmarked vehicle with the police hats in the back seat?

Did the naughty old Beeb forget to show those?



11.07.2005 12:20

I'm from Bannockburn and I saw some of Wednesday morning's japes as I was going to WORK (to any soap dodgers who don't know what that means - look it up in the dictionary). The bottom line is around 24 cops (Scottish not met) kicked the BBs asses (over 100 if I was not mistaken) in Bannockburn. They were doing this by staying within the law and managed to drive back over 100 'vandals' into the side streets. Anarchy my arse! All I saw was cowards with hankies over their faces. Hope the polis took some casualties!!

Bannockburn laddie

Ben is right

11.07.2005 12:41

M9 was closed

09.07.2005 20:30
I haven't seen the video. But I would point out that as far as I understand the aim was to reach and blockade the A9/M9. In spite of the long walk and reduced numbers people DID get to the motorway and blocked it for hours. This would not have happened without the black block breaking through cop lines repeatedly. It really is as simple as that!!


Having been in the Stiring campsite when the mass walk out (which included a large black bloc) headed out, I can confirm that what Ben says in his post "M9 was closed" is spot-on. the whole point of it was to reach the M9 and blockade it to disrupt the arrival of delegates to the G8, which it did which some success. The more militant part battered its way through police lines to reach the M9 (as seen in the video). The fluffy part of the walk-out caused less disruption but did manage to blockade some roads and diverted lots of cops away from the black bloc.

Dispite rumors of local's cars beening hit in the process the next day, I have yet to see evidence or credible reports that anything other than the undercover cop car that was shown in the media pics was smashed (the give away being the police hat on the dash!).


But why?

11.07.2005 14:33

What’s the point of causing all this damage just to slow down the arrivals of the world leaders to the g8 summit? They got there in the end anyway, it didn't alter any of their decisions or talks, who cares if they were a few hours late?

You go on about how you're all oppressed, and how the government controls your lives, what about the people that work in burger king, or the people of Stirling that might have wanted to go and eat there on Wednesday? Surely they should be able to decide where they can and can't eat without being dictated to by slogans written in graffiti and smashed windows.


oh please...

11.07.2005 15:32

By your logic there was no point in even demonstrating as that certainly does not alter the decisions leaders take (look at the Iraq war). The point of blockading the G8 was always that they were never going to be persuaded to "be nice" so the best we could do was try to stop them meeting at all. We did not achieve this in the end but we did disrupt it.

And I didn't say one word about being oppressed.



11.07.2005 23:15

Up the black block... any act of destrucktion against property is an act of disobediance against society. Any act against a pig is an act against the oppressive violent institutions. It's time for the hippys to stop shouting peacefull protest and pick up a brick or fuck off back to there middle class lives values and ideals. Pasifism and apathy one and the same.
Who cares how the media perpetrate the events that happen no insurection no revolution will ever be peacefull, but full of suffering, death and chaos. And after one knows.
Anti hippy//anti-civilisation

Tom morrow
mail e-mail:

Okay, okay....

12.07.2005 01:23

Jonas, I re-watched some unedited footage that I taped off Sky News of the 'trouble' in Stirling. And from looking at it again and from looking at the car, I could clearly see a police hat on the dashboard. I'll give you that one.

Tom, you sound like an angry kid whose rebelling against the 'system' because you didn't get enough love from your parents. Do you really think a handful of people dressed in black throwing bricks and waving flags can overthrow the government? You wouldn't be able to beat the police no matter what happened in Stirling. If they really wanted to beat you down and kick your heads in they would. And even if you beat the police, would you beat the army? Would the majority of people in Britain worship you and follow you? I think not. However, its obvious that'll never happen. Stop being so angry and selfish. We've got it good here, you could be living in Africa. Thank god you've got the right to protest and you've got free healthcare etc.


Does anyone know...

13.07.2005 00:31 many people in the bloc were arrested? The video showed none and if that's accurate, bravo! Is there a link where is has a write up on the event? I can't seem to find anything.