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Solidarity vigil against war and terror everywhere

Leila | 07.07.2005 22:49 | Terror War

70 people attended a vigil in central Edinburgh tonight in solidarity with Londoners and with the victims of war and terror everywhere.

A hurridly arranged vigil took place at 9pm tonight in front of the National Gallery in Edinburgh as a response to the series of explosions that took place in London this morning.

The vigil, attended by 70 people, was called to express solidarity with the victims of today's horrific explosions and with all those people across the world who continue to suffer the fall-out of war and terror.

Penny Howard, who had been hoping to travel to London today, was one of the organisers of the last minute vigil.

“I felt we had to do something. The right-wing Blair government are already responding to these attacks in the same warlike way George W Bush did after 9/11. The left must respond as strongly to point out the causes of these tragedies and the solution to living under perpetual terror”

People lit candles which were arranged into a peace sign. The group then took turns to share their feelings on this latest twist in the "war without end" and what action they felt was important in the days ahead to defend our civil liberties from the inevitable backlash that is to come from the Blair government.

A “demostration against capitalism, war and terrorism” has been arranged for tomorrow in response to the inevitable government response at 7pm, Waverley Station.