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Solidarityactions: Bern,Hannover,Heidelberg,Lugano

author of this article | 06.07.2005 23:18 | G8 2005 | Globalisation | Repression | Social Struggles

Solidarity actions and other actions to inform about the G8 summit took place in various places round the continent today.

Just a small list of some solidarity actions happening on the european continent right now. We've seen the ugly face of repression against the actions in scottland. Just wanted to show you that you're not alone up there - the whole world is watching - and some are taking it to the streets in solidarity:
In Bern there has been call for an antirepression demo in solidarity with the actions in scotland as well as the arrested persons.
On the 10th there will be a Demo with small boats from Thun to Bern.
In Lugano an anti G8 Indymedia Center opened for the time of the summit.
In Heidelberg there is was a solidarity demo today saying "You are 8 we are 6 billion!". There is an daily infodesk in the center of town aswell.
In Hannover a group did a circus action featuring the eight leaders that are in Gleneagles right now.

Well so far for the part that was easy to find on lang-de indymedia sites.

Greetings and Solidarity. Your creativity and strength your anger and laughter, your rage and joy have been really inspiring - i wish i could be there with you today, but i am sure we'll meet in the streets someday just like we did in Birmingham, Cologne, London, Seattle, Washington, Prague, Gotebourg, Genua, Buenos Aires, Miami, Chiapas, South Afrika, El Alto, Cancun, Geneve, Lausane, Munich, Davos, Florence, Woomera, ...
and we'll tear down the new fences they've build, and we'll break the silence they tried to establish and we'll share our thoughts and imaginations and we'll keep building this other world thats big enough to fit our dreams.

-hope my lack of knowing english does not mess it up ;-) -

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Picture from Heidelberg (germany) aktion

06.07.2005 23:32

You are 8 we are 6 billion
You are 8 we are 6 billion



More soliactions / global day of action

06.07.2005 23:40

More actions took place in:
Nijmegen(nl), a beakon in Amsterdamand some Actions on Climate change and Repsol in Barcelona

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