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Edinburgh Timeline, Wednesday 6

06.07.2005 14:30 | G8 2005 | Globalisation

Action and events in Edinburgh

Update 17:00 The Mound group were moved up the hill, no corporate press were allowed to follow the group. Another group came round Waverly Station. Protestors were pushed by police all the way down South Street and Nicholson Street to the Medow Park. Protesters were wet and tired of being pushed. There were reports of frayed nerves. They then continued back toward town with police line following toward Lauriston Place.

Update 15:30 The police constructed a pen using temporary barriers on Princes Street. There is a large group in the pen. Police have start arresting people in a violent way within the pen. The atmosphere is getting more grim, people are getting angry and locals outside the pen are shouting "outrage" and "disgrace". People also shouting "whose streets... our streets". There are appr. 250 to 300 people in the pen. There is another group near the mound.

Update 13:40 More police headed for Lothian Road. Protestors allowed to return to Waterloo Place.

Update 12:53 Princes street march. Police are directing the march towards the Meadows. Currently it is near St. John's Church.

Update 12:20 At the junction of Princes Street and The Mound a line of police are stopping people getting from Princes Street to Waterloo Place. The crowd are shouting and using megaphones.

Update 12:00 100s of people have marched down Princes Street into Hanover Street. There is a police line at the bottom of the mound. More buses have arrived apparently to take people to Gleneagles.

Update 11:45 100s of people marching along Princes Street: including G8Alternatives demonstrators and people from the buses stopped from leaving Edinburgh for Gleneagles.

Update 10:50am Vehicles are being stopped and searched on the Forth Road Bridge, north west of Edinburgh.

Update 10:40am Police stopped coaches of demonstrators trying to leave Waterloo Place, telling them the march is cancelled.

Update 10:30am Trains from Edinburgh to Stirling are cancelled until 4:30pm

Update 10:20am 2 police vehicles pulled up (one on the pavement) outside Indymedia center, including Forward Intelligence Team filming, stopping and searching people on street outside.

Update 9:40am G8 press coach blocked by protestors sitting in the road for about 20 minutes. Protestors removed with no arrests.

Update 9am Queensferry Road has been blocked for some time by two cars, causing a long traffic jam. There are a large number of police now removing the car. Local radio reports 15 or so protestors blocking the street.

Update 8:10am Reports of a group of 10-15 protestors successfully blocking Japanese G8 delegate buses at the junction of Morrison Street for about 10 minutes or so by placing themselves in front of the coaches. Also 1 arrest and 1 person has been violently stopped under Section 60 and had their wallet searched.

Update 8am Sheraton still closed off by police and now has a Section 60 order in place around it (pics). Some protestors still there, now with faces covered. No samba, or music arrived.

Update 7am Edinburgh Sheraton Grand Hotel is surrounded by police, including riot police and Forward Intelligence Teams. There are around 100 protestors moving slowly around seeking a way in. One coach was seen leaving the hotel, and the corporate media have arrived.