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Stirling-Gleanagles-Perth Timeline, Wednesday 6

06.07.2005 13:20 | G8 2005 | Globalisation

Actions and Events around the Rural Convergence Campsite Hori-Zone in Stirling

17:15 There was a road blockade earlier today between Auchterade and Crief until about 15:00. Tere was another smaller blocake on A822 block until about 16 hrs. possible 7 arrests or detentions

16:00 Some shops in Stirling are boarding up.

14:00 The small critical mass which got to the media gate at Gleneagles earlier, was penned in with the media and sectioned. This has turned into an interview fest. There are a few sound sysems up on the bridge. Seems like more people are walking along the duel carridgeway and converging on Gleneagles itself.

13.55: 30 kids and their parents, clowns and samba bands were on a bridge above the A9 near Gleneagles, about a mile from the Gleneagles hotel. Lots of cops have turned up and stated that they have to leave the bridge and suggested they march on the hard shoulder to Gleneagles. There is a carnival atmosphere, lots of clowns etc. The leaders of the group are discussing what to do, but no decision has been taken. An Apache helicopter keeps flying over head.

13:25: The children's Tea Party has arrived at the bridge crossing the A9 just before Gleneagles (bridge of the A823 going over the A9). It is curently being blocked by riot police, althought they are negotiationg to be let past. There are a lot of children, many with home made banners. The atmosphere is very nice and cheerful. They have passed a few clowns hiding in the bushes. Its colourful, fluffy and fun at the moment.

Update from the Legal team, 13:40: More then 400 people are detained/arrested. People are taken to Falkirk and to Dundee.

12 protestors are at the fence at Ochill Road. They say they just took a taxi from Dunblane. 40 police around. Some Women in Black observing.

12:27 Gleneagles: The group walking across to Gleneagles are in sight of the fence, but stopped for a rest. A police car is just coming towards them...

12.25 March in Auchtarader is allowed to go ahead, g8alternatives statement says due to public pressure

12:25 March in Auchtarader is allowed to go ahead, g8alternatives statement says due to public pressure

12:06 The crowds who have left the A9 and are walking north towards Gleneagles are being flanked by the police in riot gear, but not stopped yet. The police are also searching an unofficial camp on the right of the A9. They are now 3 miles from Auchterarder.

12:05 A823: Activists heading towards the A9 from the South. 15 to 20 clowns were surrounded and detained by riot police. One has been carried towards a police van. Other protesters are passing.

11:38 According to G8 Alternatives spokeperson Mike Arnott, the announcement that the march has been cancelled is the result of a unilateral decision by the police. As far as G8 Alternatives is concerned, the march is going ahead as planned.

11:20 Small blockade 6-7 people holding up one delegates car at junction A9-A822 in theory road blocked for rest of distance.

11:19 stuck on G8 Alternatives bus at Broxeen Roundabout near Perth - 10 busses there they are expecting more - Police blocking A9 East to Stirling - Good mood around - Lots of corp media, variety of people, anti-dept campaigners in kilts, scots and cuban flags, only a few paper sellers - police currently being 'friendly' but many more arriving including it is believed dog handlers [end]

11.21 20 coaches are blocked at Broxton Business Park on the M90 near Perth. Police, some armed with metal detectors, say it's due to 'anarchists' blocking the roads further on.

11:10 The A9 is closed between the junction of the B8033 and Greenloaning. North of there, towards Gleneagles, police are directing people down a minor road towards Braco. A G8 delegate, it is reported, got out of his car and approached the police, who diverted him along the Braco road. Seizing their opportunity, 5 protesters sat down in the road to block him. Another delegate, also in a car, is trapped in the jam.

11:05 10 coaches have been stopped, some for up to an hour, on the slip road 4 miles from Auchterarder.

10:56 An eyewitness report from the A9 confirms small groups on foot making for Gleneagles. A9 is blocked between junction with B8033 and Greenloaning, about 8 miles west of Gleneagles. Police has blocked the street and confirmed that there is a blockade.

10:40 Several taxi services are refusing to offer service to Auchterarder, citing blockades on the road to the town's hotel.

10:34 Stirling Campsite: Police are not allowing the Children's Tea Party bus to go to the march. The bus is surrounded by a small number of police, and there are 35-40 buses queueing behind it. Negotiations are taking place with the police, with 4 vans of riot police waiting 'around the corner.'

10:26 - Stirling, A9: 100 people who had been blocking on A9 are escorted back to the stirling campsite by police. They are curretnly working on A9. The atmosphere is good, people are singing. The group has negoiated with the police that they'd be escorted back to the campsite and that no arrests will be made, if people will not break out the lines of police.

10:20 - The Burger King and Pizza Hut franchises on an industrial estate near the Stirling eco-village camp have had their windows smashed. The incident occurred in the presence riot police and mainstream media, whose photographers are now covering the scene en masse.

10:15 - Reliable sources suggest that a blockade at Kinckle Bridge on the B8062, just north of Auchterarder, is still standing. Trees and branches are obstructing 3 sections of the road. 40 protestors are there, as well as police.

10:00 - Coaches full of protestors on their way to Gleneagles have been seen turning back on the A907. It is unclear if they turned back due to police, demonstrators or general traffic problems.

9:42 Gleneagles: A full Section 60 is now in force at the Gleneagles train station. 100 people are blockading a small side road around Auchterarder. 40 members of the Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army (CIRCA) are on the sliproad from main A9 junction near the station, surrounded by cops. One clown is still roaming free.

9:00 - Moterway signs are saying that the M9 is blocked from junction 8.

8:35 - Stirling: about 27 sambistas and others did block the A9 for a few minutes, then police came and removed them from the street. no arrests were reported there. many people crossed A9 and walking towards gleneagles now.

8:03 - 60 people in a lock down on a bridge north of Gleneagles.

8:00 - A9: A group of about 200 - 300 people in a sit down action east of Green Loaning Junction - blocking the south boung traffic for the last 20 minutes.

7:42 - Perth: The main A9-M90 roundabout Perth exit has been blocked. As 2 vans of demonstrators pulled in, one with 12 people was not successfull, and all are detained. The other van with 9 people managed to block the road. 5 people are locked underneath it, but the other 4 who did support in the van are detained.

7:32 - Blockade on B9112, junciton B934, is blockaded.

7:30 - Blockade of B8062 is already going on for an hour, with several lockons, cops around.

7:05 - Stirling and Dunblane junctions of M9 closed both directions. About 30 people blocking the A9 ca. 5 miles before Gleneagles A9 exit but left again after blockading for short time.

7:00: 50 people waiting at Stirling train station. No apparent train traffic at the moment.

6:50: At Ladart (or so) people have climbed on train carriages on the train to gleneagles. the train is stopped.

6:30: In Stirling, roads to the campsite are closed by cops, who tell people who want to go there (including journalists) that the camp would be closed. The camp is NOT closed.

Update 6:00: 200 people blockading junction 9 of M9 motorway. They are part of the larger group that left the Rural Convergence Camp this morning. Reports of very violent clashes with the cops.

Update 4:30: Large group 6-700 maybe 1000 left rural campsite in three groups - heading for a designated blockade point. Three groups met by police riot police charged back down to main roudnabout (3rd main roundabuot by industrial park). People pushed back into industrial estate next to camp 130-150 riot police and 30-50 yellow jackets . People tried to bypass by going through undergrowth. Police saw this and started thrashing through bushes. Reports of two people beaten (not defined what beaten is). After industrial estate - one roundabout into by morrisons - grass verge 150 of people came back to camp otherr 700 approc went up grass verge and walked back towards designated site.

Update 3:15: Fire still burns despite heavy rain.

Update midnight: Beacon well ablase


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