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Kristian Buus | 05.07.2005 20:25 | G8 2005

Pictures from Gleneagles, Faslane and Dungavel

pictures from G8

Kristian Buus
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05.07.2005 20:46

Good pictures, Kristian. Well played!


Great pictures

05.07.2005 22:11

Hey - Great pictures. keep up the good work. give them hell, despite the media reporting making you guys out to be all a bunch of thugs (whilst showing pictures of people throwing nothing more than flowers)

Hey - there is a new site for political discussion at

would be great to hear from any of you!


Wakey Wakey

06.07.2005 07:54

Great photos. Really chuckled when I saw the two 'sleeping Policemen!!'



06.07.2005 09:49

I love the "Guantanamo Bay" pic - very ironic!

Johan van Rooyen
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