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Tuesday 5th Timeline

imc | 05.07.2005 14:55 | G8 2005

Timeline of dispatch reports for G8 protests around Scotland on Tuesday 5th July

13:45 Dungavel
Protesters travelling to Dungavel detention centre have been told they will be searched under Section 60 before they are allowed to leave the buses. There will be no protest as such, but instead a rally with speakers in the car park of the detention centre.

Update 13:50 Dungavel
Police at Dungavel arrested an activist for refusing to give his name under an S60. However, when other protestors complained to an Inspector, he was forced to rescind the order threatening to arrest people for not giving name and address. They were then told that the arrested activist had instead been arrested for Breach of the Peace.

Update 14:15 Dungavel
One bus taking protesters to the Dungavel detention centre has been turned away and sent back to Edinburgh.

14:18 Glasgow
Some people have reported that they were stopped by police on their way from Glasgow Central Station to Glasgow Convergence Centre, searched and had their IDs checked. They were told not come back to the city centre again otherwise they would get "bed & breakfast".

15:06 Edinburgh
A spontaneous solidarity demonstration has formed outside the back door of Edinburgh court on Dyer's Close. About 20 protestors are there, with a banner reading "We can't be goverened. No borders, no nations". There are 5 policemen, including a photographer, and about 10 journalists.

15:40 Dungavel
Three buses set out from Edinburgh to the Dungavel detention centre. One arrived without incident; two were stopped and searched. On one of these, police took the names and addresses of all passengers. Stewards on the bus did not have legal information, and were not aware that a Section 60 order does not allow police to demand names and addresses.

15.40, Bristo Square. Edinburgh
Two people were stopped and searched under a Section 60. One of the individuals involved, a member of the Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army, felt he was stopped because he was wearing black and had his hood up. A flag was confiscated, and no receipt was given.

17:00, Edinburgh
Protestors arrested yesterday in Canning Street are being released from the Edinburgh court in two minute intervals. The date for their Breach of Peace trial is set for Friday. Eyewitnesses reported a lot of activity around the court, with vans bringing people in and out. Those waiting around the court were searched as police and press continued to stake out the area.

18.30 Edinburgh
Confirmed reports suggest that after a day observing the Edinburgh Indymedia Center, the intelligence-gathering Forward Intelligence Team (FIT) has quit the area. The team, which had been parked outside the building since this morning, left at around 18.25.

21.26 Stirling (ecovillage)
The police have imposed a Section 60 order at the Rural Convergence Space (ecovillage/campsite) near Stirling. Most people entering and leaving the camp are being stopped and searched.

21.36 A9 near Stirling
Campers near A9 stopped by Higland Spring employees and police near A9, and re-directed to alternative campingspot. See article

22.49 Stirling (ecovillage)
People entering and leaving the camp are being searched under Section 60, but the camp itself is not under a Section 60. 10 Police are at the entrance to the camp, but are not searching everyone.

23.18 Stirling (ecovillage)
Helicopter flying very low over Stirling camp

23.15 Stirling (ecovillage)
Police continue to stop people at the entrance to the site, searching everyone entering or leaving. However, the camp is not surrounded and there is no further build-up of police at the back of the site.



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