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Train Spotter | 05.07.2005 13:37 | G8 2005 | Repression | London

Information on police

Anyone travelling back from G8 demonstration be advised British Transport Police are waiting in numbers at London mainline railway stations and a three man video team are filming everyone getting off the trains from Edinburgh. However, the lazy tossers are only filming mainline arrivals, so if you do not want to be filmed or stopped by the Transport police get off before London and catch a slow local service into the capital.

Train Spotter


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05.07.2005 14:59

yeah and maybe not to post on indymedia any of these great little subversive tactics bearing in mind pigs can just about read even if the road signs say POLICE SLOW!

Fat cat

thank you

05.07.2005 15:15

thank you for posting that valuable information.



02.08.2005 16:09

Hmm, if your there for "peaceful" protest then why would you worry about been recorded for crime prvention?

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