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Red Pepper report on Edinburgh protest

SH | 04.07.2005 23:25 | G8 2005 | World

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After the political whitewash of Saturday's Live 8 and Make Poverty History, today saw the first serious protesting against the G8 summit in Scotland. The non-violent blockade against the Trident nuclear submarine base in Faslane passed off peacefully without incident. But at the originally Carnival of Full Enjoyment in Edinburgh, the streets of the Scottish capital experienced a very different reality with thousands of police shutting down the city and then physically turning on protesters, resulting in over 30 similar injuries when people were forced to jump over spiked railing at West Princes Street Gardens after being baton-charged by riot police.

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  1. telling it like it is.... — quitye spot on - and people fought back when attacked
  2. Police were the health and safety hazard — profoundly disappointed
  3. green party — brian B
  4. good protestor / bad protestor...... — More trolls than ever now I suppose....