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more audio from Make Poverty History march

Make Poverty History Radio | 03.07.2005 13:34 | G8 2005

Following are a number of audio clips from yesterday's Make Poverty History event in Edinburgh, Scotland that aired as part of Make Poverty History Radio on 87.7 FM in Edinburgh and online.

Gael Garcia Bernal on celebrity & activism - mp3 3.8M

actor Pete Postlethwaite - mp3 1.4M

vox pop from the street - mp3 3.5M

Alice Unkono - mp3 2.6M

Tourism Concern - mp3 2.4M

Walden Bello - mp3 3.1M

Here is Gael Garcia Bernal on celebrity and activism, actor Pete Postlethwaite, vox pop from the street, human rts activist Alice Unkono from Nigeria, NGO Tourist Concern, and Walden Bello.

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