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What happened to the Politics?

Neil Williams | 03.07.2005 13:11 | G8 2005

What happened to the Politics? The Live 8 concerts overshadowed months of work for the edinburgh demo and this weeks events.

What happened to the Politics?

Am I the only one that feels that the politics of G8 got somewhat lost yesterday. When even Gordon Brown said he wanted to join the Make Poverty History Demo then does it have any meaning ( I am sure that Tony Blair and his family were watching Live 8)? To some extent its like saying we all need love - yes but where does this take us? The Live 8 music overshadowed the months of work for the Edinburgh Demo and this will occur again on Wednesday.

Today in Edinburgh is the Alternative Summit and lets hope that some real politics and issues are debated and discussed.

Lets take this campaign back from the free music festival and "Sir Bob" and back onto the streets of Edinburgh and Gleneagles!!

Neil Williams

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