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Unidentifiable Police arrest protestor outside Forest Cafe

Caroline | 03.07.2005 09:32 | G8 2005 | Repression | World

When uniformed police moved in to close down an impromptu street party outside the Forest Cafe (which had a late license until 5am), a protestor was arrested by cops with all id removed and taken in an unnumbered van to an undisclosed location.

Despite persistent requests from bystanders and indys videoing the event, the officers refused to identify themselves or to state where they were taking the unnamed man. The only clue to their identities was a FIT team document visible through the windscreen. Although the number had been removed from the van we were able to get its ID number from the roof stencil. Police will be asked for a statement shortly.

Video footage follows...

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any update on this?

03.07.2005 22:46

can't see any follow up to this report - any more info please?