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Pics of autonomous march attacked by police

unpermitted | 02.07.2005 18:30 | G8 2005 | Globalisation | Repression

an unpermitted march left the meadows at around 2pm today and was very quickly blocked by police. soon and it was on the move again before police rushed the front of the march hitting people with batons and chasing people with banners. after that some bins were dragged into the streets before riot police with full shields were deployed and hundreds of people surrounded for several hours. people came to support them and played music by the cordon and they were eveantualy let out several hours later.

passing a cafe just before the police rushed the front of the march
passing a cafe just before the police rushed the front of the march




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02.07.2005 19:11





02.07.2005 19:15

What prat wrote that?


we have almost lost at this point be real

03.07.2005 00:18

I keep seing this we @re winning crap up ever since seattel. O.K. maybe to a few niave kids(myself including)this was true at the time. but now 5 years later lets be real. most of us @ types could not evean get in the G.B. islands. so to think we are winning when there has not yet been a single action to stop the meeting and most of us are not evean there. This grafitti need to stop untill we have won another battel. I think it is all @ kids responsabillity to stop the kids from taggin this becuse it makes us look real stupid when ppl. see us boxed in all day and then we spray that we won the day?lets be real and make them pay so some day agian we can spray we won the day.


re: graffiti agree

03.07.2005 11:40

"real"ïst, you got a point there. I was there when the guy tagged the wall - and I didn't stop him. How do you do that?
Also, there where a lot of locals there on the balcony overlooking the cordon. They were sympathetic with us - until they saw the tagging. I heard one of them swearing over people parachuting in from England and Europe to mess up their city, without actually changing anything worthwhile.

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